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The Galactic Junkers Space Combat Kickstarter Details

England-based indie developer Evil Twin Artworks have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming comedic space combat adventure, The Galactic Junkers. Currently the game is planned for a late 2022 release on PC and consoles.

In this game players can become the space captain of their dreams. However, there are few tiny problems. The ship is in need of repairs, the computer is moody, and there is a bounty on the player. Oh, and by the way, the crew are a bunch of idiots. Good luck!

A Great Cataclysm destroyed the Earth. Humanity to survive spread throughout the Solar System eventually becoming nomads. To make a living humans found work on run down space stations or barely inhabitable asteroids. For some brave space captains this was not enough and are traveling the cosmos to find a new future for humanity. As one of the captains, players are tasked with building this new life for themselves and their crew.

Exploration is at the heart of the game in the journey across the solar system. All nine planets and their neighboring sectors can be explored. From mysterious asteroids to abandoned shipwrecks there is always something to find. Just keep an eye out for deadly pirates.

To keep the spaceship in one piece players will need to mine, salvage, steal, and trade for resources and components. So whether one decides to salvage some derelicts or venture into the life of crime the choice is up to them. With ship upgrades players can boost their engines and have their guns make bigger booms.

Everything is in space including enemies. More specific, space pirates. During these dangerous encounters players can board the enemy ships to smash and grab essential resources. One may also opt to just hack the systems from the shadows. How the battle goes down is in the the hands of the player. No matter what the ship must be protected at all costs.

As an all or nothing project, The Galactic Junkers Kickstarter campaign runs until 5:57AM PDT, Thursday, April 24, 2022. The goal is to raise £15,000 or roughly $19,700. Support tiers range from from £1 to £800 or from about $2 to $1,050. For example at the Galactic Junker Recruit tier of £12 or about $16 backers will receive a digital copy of the game on any platform, supporter credit in game, and an exclusive backer role in Discord.

Another tier example is the Galactic Junker Supreme Legend tier at £800 or about $1,053 and includes 2 digital game copies, 2 supporter credits in game, 2 exclusive backer Discord roles, 2 Beta access in 2022, 2 digital sound tracks, 2 digital artbooks, plus getting to help design and name an in-game spaceship and a bespoke custom portrait made for the backer in the style of the game’s characters. Besides leaving a mark in the game, backers of this tier can share their extra copy with a friend to show off their cool spaceship.

The Galactic Junkers Steam page is active and is planned for a late 2022 release on PC. Interested players can add the game to their wishlist now. For more information about The Galactic Junkers visit the game’s Steam and Kickstarter pages.

The Galactic Junkers Kickstarter Trailer | Evil Twin Artworks

Evil Twin Artworks (@ievilgames Twitter) is an indie game developer that creates PC and console games. Located in the South West England town of Swindon, the developer is currently busy working on their comedic space combat adventure The Galactic Junkers. The developer’s game portfolio also includes: Victory at Sea Ironclad, Victory at Sea Pacific, Man O’ War: Corsair, and the TIGA award winning Victory at Sea.