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No Place Like Home Recycles Its Way to Release

Tabletop publisher Awaken Realms and developer Chicken Launcher announced that No Place Like Home has cleaned its way out of early access. The green-fingered post-apocalyptic cleanup game is now available in full release and is the publisher’s debut video game.

In this post-apocalyptic simulation, the Earth ahs been stripped of its natural resources. Now the world has been left to ruin and waste as humans have left for Mars. All those left behind must clean up the mess left behind. To survive the natural balance of nature must be restored. While learning from past mistakes the hope is to create a brighter future for the entire planet.

The wastelands need to be turned back into fertile farmlands. Clearing, recycling, crafting, cooking, and trading are some of the core mechanics in accomplishing this task. However, all this work goes beyond just a single person. As a village the community will grow allowing for the seeds of civilization. Possibilities expand as there is freedom in the recovering world and there are many different directions one can take.

Core gameplay is centered around recycling and crafting to build a farm. Players will turn trash into trade items. Food can be produced by scavenging the world for seeds to grow produce and then cooking nutritious meals.

Exploration also plays a critical role in gameplay. Besides scavenging seeds, there are hidden secrets and adventures that create opportunities to help run the farm. Salvaging the junk left behind and cleaning up the world is necessary to rebuild the village. Cleaning up the wild habitats and domesticating farm animals will help life thrive in and around the village and farm.

At the end of a hard days work players can relax in their cozy home. This is after they have done the necessary work of fixing up the place and adding their own decorations.

A brief roadmap has been made available for post full release. New upgrade undergrounds are coming back to the game in patch that is planned to drop in the next few weeks. This update will bring a few new items, trash to clean, and obstacles to overcome. A hard mode is coming soon that will give players a more challenging experience. In Q2 2022 a major fishing patch planned with a new small farm zone with ponds, a new NPC, new items, and new fishing challenges.

No Place Like Home is available on Windows PC through Steam for $19.99 USD. A 10% off early access exit discount promotion runs until March 24, 2022. For more information about No Place Like Home visit the game’s Steam page.

No Place Like Home (PC Trailer) – Post Apo Farming Simulator | Awaken Realms

Awaken Realms (@AwakenRealms Twitter) is a professional board and video game publisher based in Poland. The company is the creator of several Kickstarter hits including This War of Mine: The Board GameLords of HellasNemesisTainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon and Etherfields.

Chicken Launcher is a video game developer. Currently the developer is busy working on their first title No Place Like Home.