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Wobbledogs Cute 3D Pet Sim Launches

Publisher Secret Mode and indie developer Animal Uprising launched their cute 3D pet sim Wobbledogs, on Steam.

After six years of development and one year of early access the game is ready for full release. During the early access period, Wobbledogs received “Overwhelmingly Positive” review with 98% of the more than 1400 reviews being positive.

Wobbledogs is by far the most ambitious project I’ve ever worked on. I’m super proud of what it’s turned into and I’m incredibly grateful to the wonderful community that’s grown around it during its time in Early Access. I can’t wait for everyone who’s been looking forward to the full release to finally get their paws on it, and I hope you all enjoy!

Tom Astle, Founder of Animal Uprising

It’s a weird and colorful world for Wobbledogs. Players manage their own kennel of mutating dogs that are hatched from eggs. These dogs are simulated with great detail, including their own personality and wibbly-wobbly guts.

Dogs initially start out as normal. With gameplay they begin to mutate. Dogs will also behave in unexpected ways as their evolutionary lines change.

There’s nothing quite like Wobbledogs out there. It allows gamers to simulate a dog living its best life, right down to its guts! With all the creative craziness going on in the game, we’re always thrilled to see the next generation of wobbly dogs out there as player share the madcap exploits that their newfound canine friends get up to.

James Schall, Director of Publishing at Secret Mode

Launching out of early access, the full release comes with loads of features. From resizable decorations to customizable dog dens the colorful canines will get to live in a fun environment for both the player and the dogs. There are also additional surprises like an anti-gravity machine, ghostly hauntings, and others for players to discover. After the launch the game will continue to evolve with future new content updates.

The game is both a casual and relaxed sandbox experience for players of all ages. Anyone who wants to set back, relax, and care for their virtual pets are welcomed into the quirky yet stress-free environment.

Wobbledogs is available on Windows and Mac for PC through Steam for $19.99 USD. The Wobbledogs OST is available for $4.99 USD as a separate DLC. For more information about the game visit

Wobbledogs Launch Trailer | Secret Mode

Secret Mode (@WeAreSecretMode Twitter) is a newly founded publishing wing of the Sumo Group Plc., a British video game holding company. The publisher’s goal is publish both internally developed projects from its 14 game development studios and projects from third party independent game developers.

Animal Uprising is an indie game developer based in Los Angeles, California. The studio is the brainchild of Tom Astle (@thomasastle Twitter) who previously worked as a Gameplay Engineer on The Sims 4. Currently the developer is busy with Wobbledogs.