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Workshop Simulator Delivers Restoration Projects to PC

Independent game developer Intermarum released their self-published highly-detailed restoration simulation title, Workshop Simulator on PC. Using true-to-life tools players are able to repair and restore vintage furniture, tools, toys and works of art.

Combine real-world tools, some technical craft, an atmospheric workshop, and a nostalgic tale of family history and one has the recipe for Workshop Simulator. The immersive world draws players in with the game’s rural setting and heartwarming request from a grandma. Every family has their own unique treasures and each item has its own different story. With the aid of grandpa and his tools in the workshop players have the opportunity to restore each of these treasured relics to their former glory.

Gameplay features a detailed and authentic workshop. With rich visual and physical detail, players can use hammers, drills, paints, and machinery to repair and refurbish various items including family heirlooms. As one progresses and projects become more complex additional restoration techniques and specialist equipment can be unlocked.

In game players are able to learn the joys of giving objects a second life. Sanding, polishing, painting, and assembling are some of the techniques one will deploy in turning everyday objects into their own works of art. To help fund their projects, players can sell their restored items and buy better tools and additional restoration projects.

We’re so pleased to share our world of workshop restoration with players young and old alike. With Workshop Simulator we wanted to give players a workshop of their own where they can enjoy restoring items, work with satisfyingly tangible tools and remember the joyful memories that physical items can bring. It’s time to dust off those tools and dig through the attic and see what treasures await!

Marcin Książek, Creative & Art Director at Intermarum

PlayStation and Xbox console releases of Workshop Simulator are expected in two to three months.

Workshop Simulator is available on Windows PC through Steam and GOG for $19.99 USD. A 20% launch discount is available until March 17, 2022. For more information about Workshop Simulator visit the game’s Steam page or the game’s Facebook fan page.


INTERMARUM (@intermarum Twitter) is a Polish independent game development studio with the slogan “Dare to Dream.” Founded in 2010 in the city of Opole, the team utilizes the silence and peace of the beautiful area to enhance their creativity. The studio’s portfolio includes Workshop Simulator, Space Company Simulator, and Puppet Battle.