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Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon a Voxel Business Simulator

Developer A2 Softworks, the Polish studio behind Gatewalkers, released the voxel-based business simulator Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon on Steam. The title’s publishers are Manager Games S.A., a member of the Ultimate Games S.A. group, and Red Dev Studio S.A., both of which are based in Poland.

With a distinguished voxel graphical look, the game creates a humorous atmosphere for players as they develop their oil business. To become an oil tycoon, players will need to build and develop their drilling platform to extract the raw crude.

Naturally there are various real-world challenges and threats the player will have to address such as snow blows, storms, fires, pirates, terrorists, and even deadly diseases. The rig crew will need protect if the crude is to keep flowing.

Many different scenarios are available for those looking for a challenge. For example one challenge will put players in charge of an oil rig in the midst of an environmental crisis.

Besides drilling and pumping oil, players will also need to line up buyers. Long-term contracts offer riches as long as the oil is delivered. Employees comes with their own demands and need to be managed. Plus the development of new technologies can offer profitable opportunities for those that know how to flex their savvy business skills.

In mid-2020, the free mission Drill Deal: Borehole (Alpha) landed on Steam. With over 300 reviews the free mission rocks an 87% Very Positive rating. Since then the title has seen significant improvements and the addition of 8 different story scenarios.

In the final version of Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon we have prepared a total of 8 different story scenarios with unique locations, tasks and challenges. And there’s also a sandbox mode, where there are virtually no restrictions. Now the game also offers a lot of new events – sometimes pirates can attack us, you will have to face kraken, there may be an earthquake and many other random events.

Andrzej Stroiński, CEO of A2 Softworks

Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon is available on Windows PC through Steam for $14.99 USD. A special 15% off launch discount promotion runs on Steam until March 16, 2022. Visit the Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon Steam page for access to the game’s demo and more information. Follow @DrillDealGame on Twitter.

Drill Deal – Oil Tycoon (Official Trailer) | Ultimate Games S.A.

Manager Games S.A. (@ManagerGamesSA1 Twitter) is a video game developer and publisher based in Warsaw, Poland. The company, headed by CEO Tomasz Sobiecki, is a part of the Ultimate Games S.A. group.

Red Dev Studio S.A. (@RedDevStudio1 Twitter) is a game development and publishing studio based in Poland. The company develops games for mobile and non-mobile platforms with their passionate team of young and ambitious people.

Ultimate Games S.A. is a publisher based in Warsaw, Poland. Established in 2015 by Mateus Zawadzki, the company currently employs more than a dozen people. The publisher helps bring video games to market through specializing in the production and distribution of titles for various platforms such as PC, mobile, and current gen consoles. In 2016, Ultimate games acquired a significant investor, PlayWay SA, who is a leading producer and publisher of computer games in Poland.

A2 Softworks (@A2Softworks Twitter) is an independent game studio based in Poznań, Poland. The studio, also goes by A Square Softworks or A2S and is powered by NeticTech S.A., a private investment company.