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Citywars Tower Defense Is Free to Play On Steam

Montreal based developer 01 Studio released their take on the tower defense genre with the free to play game, Citywars Tower Defense. Available now in early access on Steam, the game lets players build towers, gather resources, craft tools, and so much more.

A staple of the tower defense genre is to build towers and the limiting factor is the amount of resources one has earned. Citywars Tower Defense does everything different.

In multiplayer third person players will need to build towers, gather resources, craft tools, upgrade weapons, level up their buildings, and expand their city. All of these activities are under pressure as the next incoming wave of monsters is always around the corner.

Starting off players will need to collect the limited resources available and drop some basic defense towers. Every resource seen in the world can be collected, players will need to craft the right tool for the job. At the crafting table players can make what they need as the game progresses.

More than 30 unique towers can be built with each having their own set of special abilities and 10 upgrade levels. Each level completed grants coins that can be exchanged at merchants from different cities to unlock better towers. Some of the tower available include: Thunder Tower, Canon Tower, Cloud Tower, Slum Tower, and Double Rainbow Tower.

Since this is a game about survival it only makes sense for players to have weapons and armor. More than a dozen equipable weapons and armor is available. These items are unique to their specialized class. Weapons have their own skill tree. Monsters drop experience points when killed that can be used to upgrade both weapons and armor for powerful abilities. Example weapons include: Slingshot, Apprentice Wand, Basic Longbow, Stone Knuckles, and Spiked Club.

Originally Citywars Tower Defense was a simple game mode built inside of Citywars Savage. Since the demo release of Citywars Savage on Steam, the developer has had a difficult time gathering players to try it out. Last month a decision was made to give this internally popular mode a chance as its own game and see what happens.

Citywars Tower Defense is available in early access on PC for Windows and Mac users through Steam. The game is free to play. For more information about Citywars Tower Defense follow on @CitywarsNetwork Twitter, join the official Discord, or visit the game’s website at

Citywars Tower Defense Trailer | Darkirby3 (01 Studio)

01 Studio is a small indie studio based out of Montreal in Canada that is composed of two long-term friends. For more than 10 years, the two have been working together on their dream of having their own game. Focused on multiplayer games, the studio’s priority will always be multiplayer interaction first.