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Beholder 3 Officially Launches on Digital Platforms

Alawar Premium and indie developer Paintbucket Games released their point-and-click political sim, Beholder 3 on popular digital platforms. Available on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store the game is a throwback to the original November 2016, Beholder game.

Frank Schwarz is a husband and a father. His comfy job at the Ministry is no more after someone set him up to fall. In order to avoid jail he had to strike a deal with a high-ranking security officer. Now Frank is a pawn in the officer’s scheme that requires some spying and the elimination of anyone standing in the officer’s way.

In this totalitarian state everyone and everything is controlled by oppressive laws, total surveillance, and intimidation. The time has come for Frank to act, but will it be the right choice?

Gameplay puts the player in two job roles. There is the apartment block landlord and then the Ministry spy. Various different political factions are vying for power and players will want to pick their side wisely. Completing quests from the Ministry help promote the ideology of the totalitarian state. Way to accomplish these tasks can be from manipulating flags to spreading propaganda.

Players will need to maintain their cover by doing everyday chores. Examples include paying bills, fixing up apartments, and keeping tenants happy. Between these tasks players will be installing surveillance cameras and searching apartments and offices for valuable information that aids their end goal.

The original title was success within the gaming community. Beholder went on to find itself a spot on Metacritic’s 100 Most Talked About Games of 2016. In 2018, Beholder 2 launched and fans continued to enjoy the game’s twisted dystopian universe. Now the publisher, Alawar Premium, along with Paintbucket Games aim to deliver the same experience to players in the franchise’s latest installment.

We played the Beholder games back when they came out and loved them for telling stories of human tragedies in an inhumane system in an entertaining and clever way. So naturally, when given the opportunity to develop Beholder 3, we felt extremely honored and excited.

Jörg Friedrich, CEO at Paintbucket Games

Beholder 3 is available on Windows PC through Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store for $14.99 USD. A special launch discount of 20% is available until March 10, 2022. A Beh-ALL-der Bundle that includes Beholder, Beholder – Blissful Sleep DLC, Beholder 2, and Beholder 3 is available on Steam at a discount. For more information about the game follow @Beholder_Game on Twitter or visit the publisher’s game page here.

Beholder 3 – Release Trailer PC | Alawar Premium

Alawar Premium (@alawarteam Twitter) is an international publisher, developer, and distributor of video games for the PC, mobile, console, and other device markets. Since 1999, Alawar Premium has released hundreds of games from over 250 teams. The company currently offers developers its expertise in financing, analytics, localization, testing, marketing, and PR.

Paintbucket Games (@paintbucket_de Twitter) is an indie game studio. Former AAA developers Jörg Friedrich and Sebastian St. Schulz founded the studio in 2018. The studio’s mission and focus is to develop video games with a strong narrative and a socio-political impact.