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PowerWash Simulator Patch 0.8 Adds Dirty Subway and Plane

Dirt is everywhere including an abandoned subway platform and a stunt plane in Patch 0.8 for PowerWash Simulator. The Square Enix Ltd. published and FuturLab developed title is letting power washers blast away decades of dirt and grime in the largest level to date.

Using high-pressure water, Patch 0.8 is sending players to an abandoned subway platform. This is the largest level yet in the game. Players can discover their future as they clean the grime-covered past off the caravan of a travelling Fortune Teller. A trip to the desert can help reveal the mysteries of an Ancient Statue and there is a pilot in need of help with cleaning their Stunt Plane.

Two new challenges await players who want some vintage car cleaning action. One is a simple time challenge and the other is a water challenge. Players can also show off a new and fancy washer skin and gloves.

We’re really excited to tease a little more of the lore in the latest update. We’ve loved seeing the community’s theories on where the story will go, and we hope this gives them a little more of an insight into what’s to come.

Dan Chequer, Lead Designer

On the side of bug fixes, players stuck at 99% saves will be glad to see this issue has been addressed. Any level wish washing progress will be auto-completed when the game is first booted after this update. Initially the menu will display a percentage left, however players can progress as normal. Everyone’s save data is also being brought up to the current 0.8 version. All money from the jobs will be given to all players who have any jobs auto-complete.

A more complete list of changes in PowerWash Simulator Patch 0.8 is available here.

PowerWash Simulator is available in early access on Windows PC through Humble Bundle and Steam for $19.99 USD. More information about can be found by following @PowerWashSim on Twitter or by visiting the game’s page on the publisher’s site here.

PowerWash Simulator Early Access Launch Trailer | FuturLab

Square Enix Ltd. (@SquareEnix Twitter) develops, publishes and licenses entertainment as a part of the Square Enix group of companies. The group currently holds a valuable portfolio of intellectual property including the Final Fantasy franchise which has sold over 164 million units globally, Dragon Quest franchise with over 83 million units sold globally, and Tomb Raider franchise with over 85 million units sold worldwide.

FuturLab (@FuturLab Twitter) is a boutique game studio based in Brighton, United Kingdom. Since 2003 the studio has developed and published games on PC and console. The studio’s portfolio includes: Velocity 2X, Tiny Trax, Mini-Mech Mayhem, and Peaky Blinders: Mastermind. Currently the studio is working on PowerWash Simulator.

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