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KUR Takes Aim At a March Full Release Date

The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and developer Really Ragdoll Studios revealed a March 17, 2022 release date for their retro FPS title KUR. Available now in early access, the frenetic shooter acts as a comedic love letter to early 90’s FPS games.

For those unfamiliar with KUR, the game has a retro 1990’s FPS look and feel. As a mercenary in the intergalactic gun-for-hire trade players will fight across hand-designed levels spread across six unique environments. In total there are 20 levels full of secrets, boss fights, and hideous enemies such as rogue robots covered in human flesh.

The story setup is about a human colony on Mars that is being massacred and The Corporation has turned to hired mercenaries for the cleanup. Those who jump into the action will quickly figure out that this is not the standard bail out the company mission and survivors will definitely be demanding hazard pay.

Gameplay focuses on traversing the area using a cybernetically augmented boot. This boot also offers various ways to slay foes. From a simple Boot kick to the head to launching enemies into the sky the Boot’s strength comes from its augmentation. A wide range of other weaponry is available to compliment the Boot-kicking action that includes staples on the genre and some new toys like a Gatling Laser, Shrink Ray and Second Boot. An upgrade system allows players to spend cash gathered in each level to customize abilities.

A Steam-integrated leaderboard system allows players to be competitive against each other. Speedrunners will also enjoy this competitive element as they Boot their way through the levels.

KUR is available now in early access on Windows PC through Steam for $19.99 USD. The KUR release date and early access exit is set for March 17, 2022. For more information about KUR visit the game’s Steam page or the developer’s website.

KUR Launch Trailer | Really Ragdoll

Really Ragdoll Studios (@ReallyRagdoll Twitter) is a Seattle, Washington based indie game developer. Founded in 2018 by Navy veteran Brian Spain and self-taught game developer Kehran Carr, the studio is currently developing its first title KUR. The studio aims to develop games that leaves players with a strong impression while keeping them coming back for more.

The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild (@QuantumApG Twitter) was created in 2011 by Ty Taylor, a Forbes 30 Under 30 inductee. The Seattle, Washington based company’s first game, The Bridge, released in 2013 and was featured in various competitions and festivals around the world. Tumblestone, their second title, released in 2013. In 2019, the company began publishing third-party indie titles with a portfolio that now includes Almost There: The PlatformerThe Ambassador: Fractured Timelines, and Breakpoint.