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Demon Purge Saga Battles Evil in Version 1.0 Release

Brazilian indie game developer IndigoWare has fully released, Demon Purge Saga, the match-3 game with exorcism elements. Available now in full version 1.0 release, the game follows Father Emmet on his quest against demons that took everything from him.

Starting in the city of Parabollam, players as Father Emmet will receive mentoring from Father Desmond. The dark gothic-like region is a small rural area with woodworking activities. Father Emmet in his time here will learn about the mysterious people and hidden stories of the area. As the father dives deeper into the story, he will find a web of mysteries to solve leaving him to wonder if there are other evils beyond the demons. In the end, Father Emmet will have his faith and his revenge against Hell as he begins his own demon purge saga.

Gameplay features a mix of exorcism elements and match-3 battles. By combining exorcism elements on the exorcism case, which acts as the game board, players can cast holy magic attacks against enemies. To maximize damage players will want to combine more than three relics. The game’s soundtrack was composed by Peritune and Kevin MacLeoad.

In the Demon Purge Saga version 1.0 release players will find new battle backgrounds, artwork for Father Emmet, Father Desmond, and Nin Sonia. Demon auras now come in different colors. The HUD will hide during dialogs. The release also includes several fixes for bugs. A more complete list of changes in the release version can be found here.

Demon Purge Saga is available on Windows PC through Steam for $1.99 USD. For more information visit the game’s Steam page.

Demon Purge Saga – Gameplay Trailer | IndigoWare

IndigoWare (@_IndigoWare Twitter) is a Brazilian indie game and app development studio. Formerly known as Indigo Arts, the São Paulo studio focuses on developing small innovative PC games while using classic games as inspiration.