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Hyperspace Sci-fi Sandbox MMO Announced

Carbon Based Lifeforms announced the studio’s first game project, a free-to-play science fiction sandbox MMO, Hyperspace. The Edinburgh, Scotland based studio is using inspiration from the classic aesthetics of 1970s science fiction while giving players freedom to choose their own play style.

An experiment to create a stable wormhole between two galaxies went terribly wrong. The end result was a newly merged galaxy. Eons later four economic territories compete for control, while the various species struggle to survive. Opportunities exist everywhere, it is up to players to discover the past, make a better future, and make a nice profit on the side.

We are very excited to announce Hyperspace. We know that this game will mean a lot to the sci-fi gaming community, because it means a lot to us as fans of MMOs and science fiction ourselves. Our goal is to bring old school classic cosmic adventure into the next generation of sandbox MMOs with a vibrant player-driven economy and hugely expansive narrative to explore. We can’t wait to show you more, and hope you’ll join us on this journey… it’s going to be something special.

Theo Priestley, CEO of Carbon Based Lifeforms

In Hyperspace, players can create a character based on one of the eight playable races such as the hulking Carbaryl or the insectoid Krivak. Each race has their own deep lore and culture of how they became a spacefaring species. Players can participate in several activities with classes that include Explorer, Gatherer, Hunter, and Trader. Everyone can customize their play experience to suit their style. So if a player desires to become a galaxy-spanning explorer or a rebellious intergalactic outlaw, the game allows it all.

The setting for the MMO is completely space-themed. With thousands of star systems, the massive galaxy features multiple territories and four galactic currencies. Players have endless opportunities in this ever-evolving sandbox as they explore the game’s narrative.

Currently the studio is working with the award-winning composer Austin Wintory, FRAG Games, and Astrofish Games in the development of the first Hyperspace gameplay demonstration.

Hyperspace is open for pre-registration on the MMO’s official website at Players who sign up will gain access to news updates and details on upcoming alpha and beta tests. In the near future more information including the first gameplay videos will be coming to the official website, @PlayHyperspace on Twitter, and the game’s Discord.

Carbon Based Lifeforms (@CarbonLifeforms Twitter) is a video game design studio headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 2021 and backed by $1.7 million in pre-seed funding the studio is working to redefine the play-and-earn industry. Currently the studio’s experienced and skilled team is working on their first project Hyperspace.