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Against the Storm Grace of the Harpies Update is Live

Eremite Games is adding new challenges to fantasy roguelite city builder, Against the Storm, with the Grace of the Harpies Update. Available now on the Epic Games Store, the Early Access title adds graceful yet bloodthirsty harpies to the mix of intelligent beavers, humans, and lizardfolk all looking to survive the endless rain.

Grace of the Harpies is the ninth update for Against the Storm since early access began. Not only does this update add Harpies as a new playable species, it also includes 11 brand-new buildings and a new gameplay system involving Caravans. Harpies can be unlocked in the Citadel by buying the Obsidian Archives Level 3 upgrade. Besides existing needs, Harpies also require the new need of Cleanliness, which can be fulfilled in the Bath House and Market.

Two new specializations, Alchemy and Cloth, have been added with Harpies receiving a proficiency bonus. Harpies will also benefit from the comfortable effect when assigned to buildings with recipes using any kind of cloth. Harpy Firekeepers, when assigned to a Hearth, will grant five additional carrying capacity to all villagers.

The Caravan System is now in game and acts as an additional step players must take before building a settlement. Caravans can be found in the Embark Window after selecting a hex area on the world map. Each Caravan can have one or two species with them and include a random assortment of resources that is balanced around the amount and villager type associated with the Caravan.

Eleven new buildings are now available that include: Harpy House, Bath House, Monastery, Clan Hall, Forum, Explorer’s Lodge, Manufactory, Tinkerer, Grill, Leatherworks, and Press. Three new special effects tied to service buildings are available: Good Health from the Bath House, Ancient Ways increases camp production through Clan Hall, and Public Lectures from the Forum offer a chance at bonus production yields.

A total of 20 New Orders from the Queen are available with each having three different difficulty scales. Waterskins and Cosmetics are two new items. Four new perks, Cosmetic Specialization, Religious Settlement, Training Grounds, and Harpy Clan Support, offer various benefits to the settlement. The Fallen Harpy Scientists is a new glade event that when working on its will trigger a Resolve penalty for Harpies. Failure will result in the fallen Harpies becoming Blightrot Cysts.

Several balancing changes, UI/UX improvements, and bug fixes have made their way into this update too. A more complete list of changes in the Against the Storm Grace of the Harpies Update can be found in the post here on the developer’s website.

Against the Storm is available in Early Access for Windows PC through the Epic Games Store for $19.99 USD. The game is scheduled for a release on Steam and GOG in late 2022. For more information about the game follow @AtS_CityBuilder on Twitter or join the Against the Storm Discord.

Against the Storm – Grace of the Harpies Update Trailer | Eremite Games

Eremite Games (@EremiteGames Twitter) is a small indie game development studio based in Wrocław, Poland. The studio’s first title was the Android turn-based strategy game Shattered Plane that is set in a fantasy Slavic universe. Currently the studio consists of a five member team of friends with years of experience in AAA, indie and mobile game development all of whom share a passion for strategy and RPG games. Currently the studio is busy working on their debut PC title Against the Storm.