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Spacelines from the Far Out: Flight School Previews Upcoming Co-op Party Game

Skystone Games and developer Coffeenauts released, Spacelines from the Far Out: Flight School, a free to play version of their upcoming co-op party game. Interstellar airlines are the future and a lot rides or in this case flies on a pilot’s shoulders.

In Flight School players control their own commercial spaceship. As the pilot, players get to travel the stars and tend to their passengers who are often demanding one’s time. From asking for food to dance-offs the passengers can be quite a handful.

However passengers and their care are not the only responsibilities a pilot faces as there is the ship itself. Space travel is challenging even on a good day. Various forms of space debris to avoid and finding places to refuel present constant challenges. Some days can throw a meteor crash that knocks out the gravity generators or present a surprise health inspection that makes a hard day go from bad to worse.

The free version offers an introductory campaign with full online and local multiplayer support. Players have access to one ship with three unique layouts as they take on a nice sampling of procedurally generated events and challenges. Ten customizations for players to make their spaceline company their won along with a wide starting selection of ship upgrades.

When Spacelines from the Far Out launches later this spring on Xbox and PC players will have access to the Aurora Terminal where all the “space roads” intertwine. Players will be able to manage and customize an entire fleet of ships as they explore a massive main story campaign. With 50 unlockable and playable characters, 100 unlockable spaceline customizations, and tons of procedural challenges and events there will always be something to keep interstellar spaceline operators busy.

Spacelines from the Far Out: Flight School is free to play and available now on PC through Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Spacelines from the Far Out is planned for a spring launch in early May and will launch on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store. More information about the game can be found on the game’s store pages or by following @PlaySpacelines on Twitter.

Spacelines from the Far Out: Flight School Announcement | Skystone Games

Skystone Games (@Skystone_Games Twitter) is a multiplatform game company that aims to be a leader in the video game publishing sector. David Brevik, creator of the Diablo franchise, and Bill Wang, previously from Perfect World Co. Ltd. and Giant Games, these industry veterans created Skystone Games to uncover and highlight talent around the world. The company is currently working on multiple projects including Undying and Spacelines from the Far Out.

Coffeenauts (@teamcoffeenauts Twitter) is a São Paulo, Brazil based game developer. Founded in 2018 by former game development students, Pedro and Fábio, the studio’s team is passionate about two things: a nice cup of coffee and creating unique, captivating gaming experiences. Currently the studio is working hard on Spacelines from the Far Out and their next project Homo Artificialis.