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Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection Out Now for Nintendo Switch

ININ Games and BBG Entertainment announced that boxed versions of Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection are out now in North America for Nintendo Switch. The 1980’s hero is back in action. European boxed release is set for mid-February.

Back from the 1980’s, the hero was recently seen in the new 2021 relaunch of Boulder Dash Deluxe. The Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection features the 2021 relaunch and the Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary edition in a singular collection for the ultimate Boulder Dash experience.

Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection - Nintendo Switch Packshots | ININ Games, BBG Entertainment
Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection – Nintendo Switch Packshots | ININ Games, BBG Entertainment

In the combined game collection, fans can experience more than 400 newly designed levels. Plus there are 20 levels from the original 1984 version. Video game designer and original Boulder Dash developer, Peter Liepa, is responsible for over 30 new levels.

Along the way one can collect valuable gems and hunt for high scores unlocking advancement to more difficult stages. There are many unlockable characters, upgrades, and character customizations. Unique textures, animations, and creatures can be found in several worlds.

New mechanics and tools allow franchise fans and newcomers to adventure through dangerous caves by digging through sand and manipulating the environment. Avoiding falling boulders and using them strategically against cunning foes is critical for success.

Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection is available now in a boxed version for Nintendo Switch in North America for $29.99 USD. For EU Nintendo Switch owners the Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection release date is February 18, 2022. More information about the Boulder Dash game franchise including the latest release is available at

Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection – Official Trailer | ININ Games

ININ Games (@ININ_Games Twitter) is a video game publisher that focuses on the digital and physical publishing of high-quality retro and arcade games. The German based publisher’s parent company is United Games Entertainment GmbH.

BBG Entertainment is a game developer and publisher. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the company’s founder, Stephan Berendsen, and staff have years of experience in the computer and mobile games market. Focused in the area of retro and casual gaming, the company has excellent relationships with notable gaming companies for over 20 years. Titles in the BBG Entertainment portfolio include: DYNABLASTER, Boulder Dash, and Einstein Brain Trainer.