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Embr Heads to GamePass, Secret Hosr Update

Curve Games and developer Muse Games released the free Secret Hosr update for Embr in addition to the game’s launch on GamePass for Xbox. Gig economy wannabe firefighters can grab their hoses and take action together in the brand new Secret Hosr multiplayer mode.

GamePass subscribers can put on their boots and stomp out some fires in Embr as a Respondr for the gig app. Up to four players can join forces and fight fires, rescue residents, and maybe steal an item or two in the chaotically crazy calls for firefighting aid.

The world of Embr is getting bigger in the Secret Hosr update. This new mode throws four Respondrs together for longer missions with more clients and dangerous explosives on a timer. To prevent more destruction, those on scene will need to dispose of the explosives.

However, there is a twist to this new mode. One of the teammates is a Hosr Agent working to sabotage the mission. Players will need to keep clients safe, secure the building, defuse the bombs, and keep an eye out for who the saboteur is on the team. If one figures out who the traitor is, they can use a one time report to vote them out. Those previously innocent looking mistakes of clients missing trampolines or accidental bomb detonations might in fact just be intentional sabotage.

Starting on January 6, the new free to play update is available on PC and consoles. Steam owners can pick up the Secret Hosr update as a free DLC. PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch owners will find the new mode automatically pops up in play after an update.

Just when you think things couldn’t get more fast and frenzied, suddenly Secret Hosr drops. We can’t wait to see how players work as a team to defuse bombs planted by rival corporate spies, and to see the carnage that arises when players start pointing the finger at each other as the potential ‘Sabotr’. It’s the next step in Embr’s evolution, and we’re excited to welcome the millions of players on GamePass to the party as well.

Howard Tsao, Team Lead, Muse Games

Embr is available in early access at the base price of $19.99 USD through Humble Bundle and Steam. In addition an Embr 2-Pack and Ember 4-Pack are available at larger discounts on Humble Bundle which provides additional copies for one’s friends. The game is also available on Google Stadia as well as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch for $19.99 USD or for free on GamePass with crossplay compatibility between the PC, PlayStation and Xbox versions. More information about Embr can be found on the game’s website at

Embr – Secret Hosr Game Mode Trailer | Curve Games

Curve Games (@CurveGames Twitter) is an award-winning leading publisher of games on PC and consoles. Founded in 2005 by Jason Perkins, the company is a British video game publisher based in London, England. Since 2013 the company has been working with game developers to bring their games to the global market with hits such as Dear Esther, The Ascent, Lawn Mowing Simulator, and Human: Fall Flat. The publisher has also won awards such as the Indie Games Publisher of the Year at the 2018 and 2019 MCV Awards. In October 2021 Curve Digital rebranded the company as Curve Games.

Muse Games (@MuseGames Twitter) is an independent New York City based game development studio that is focused on co-op gameplay and AI. Their original game, Guns of Icarus, was released in 2010. The studio was a very early adopter of the Unity game engine and makes all of their games in Unity.

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