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YOLKED Will Crack Open Two Early Access Updates in January

Hitcents and indie game developer Hardboiled Studios are cracking open a set of two early access updates for YOLKED this January. The first update arrives on January 5 bringing integrated Steam achievements whereas the January 19 update will add a new type of collectible and much more.

The January 5 patch update’s biggest feature is the Steam achievement integration. Everything else in the update are bug fixes and balancing adjustments. Outside scenery is now visible through the attic window. Knives now have warning indication for their location before falling.

In the January 19 update early access players can get excited for some new collectibles. A new creepy crawly spider costume collectible is available. In addition a new collectible type is available and features two new particle collectibles. This update will also feature more adjustments, improvements, and bug fixes that have yet to be announced.

For those unfamiliar with YOLKED, the game features the painstaking escape of an egg with human arms. Life as an egg is hard and ironic given their shell is so thin. The goal is to escape and not crack in the process. Using grip, grab, mantle, swing, and fling actions of wall-climbing physics players will want to have their egg avoid a rather lengthy list of common household dangers. Failure will or recklessness can and most often will lead to moments of hilarity. Different escape routes offer fun and crazy collectibles and if one does crack up they will respawn at their last checkpoint. Sometimes perfect does require breaking a few eggs.

YOLKED – The Egg Game is available in early access for Windows and Mac gamers through Steam for $11.99 USD. For more information about YOLKED visit the game’s Steam page, developer’s website, or YOLKED Discord.

YOLKED Early Access Trailer | Hitcents

Hitcents (@Hitcents Twitter) is a full-service video game publisher and developer based in the United States. Founded in 1999 as an early internet advertising company, Hitcents roots in the gaming industry took hold in 2011 with Draw a Stickman. Currently the company focuses their development on their own games while also offering publishing services to small independent teams.

HardBoiled Studios (@HardBoiledDev Twitter) is an indie game development studio based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The studio was born from a student project at the University of Michigan with team members from around the world. YOLKED is the studio’s debut title appearing on Steam and consoles in 2022.