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Cell To Singularity Launch Your Own Satellite Contest Event

Computer Lunch is celebrating the historic launch of the James Webb Space Telescope with a unique 14 day story driven satellite event in Cell To Singularity. The two week event celebrates the human achievement that the satellite represents.

More than one-hundred times powerful than that of the Hubble, the James Webb is the largest telescope ever sent into space. This new scientific tool will not improve the quality and coverage of footage and research from space, but will also help further humanity’s knowledge about our galaxy, star formations, planetary chemical compositions, and the Big Bang. There is even the possibility that the James Webb will even help find new life.

In Cell To Singularity, to celebrate the satellite launch a two week long event has begun. A glitch has appeared in the Beyond simulations that requires every player to band together and collectively click on the glitched telescope before the deadline so that it can be successfully launched into space. Every player who participates has a chance to earn up to 20 Darwinium cubes when they click the glitch. Successfully fixing the glitch will give every player a temporary simulation boost across the whole game. The final reward is a permanent 3D telescope to view, experience, and discover facts about in the Beyond Gardens.

Running alongside the in-game event is the social “Launch Your Own Satellite” contest. All participants are encouraged to design and submit their own original satellites to the development team in honor of the James Webb launch. Serious or silly, all submissions are welcomed and can use any creative medium to design their satellites. Entries are made by submitting one’s design to the Cell To Singularity Discord.

Earlier this month, the developer hosted their December Livestream where they discussed the James Webb Telescope event and the social satellite design contest.

Cell To Singularity is available on Windows and Mac for PC through Steam as a free to play game. The game is also available on mobile devices for iOS on the App Store and Android through Google Play. In addition the game can be played via any HTML 5 compatible browser. More information about Cell To Singularity can be found on the game’s website at

December Livestream – James Webb Telescope Event | Computer Lunch

Computer Lunch (@ComputerLunch Twitter) is a husband-and-wife development team led by Andrew Garrahan and Kati Nawrocki. Based in New York, the independent company creates games on mobile, PC, and web-based platforms that are interesting and cater to one’s curiosity. The company’s latest title, Cell To Singularity, was featured in the Facebook Gaming 2020 Indie Elevate Contest and nominated for the Google Play Users’ Choice Award.