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World Nations Game Is Free to Play On Steam

Independent game developer SCLITIFY IT released their game of nations MMO, World Nations Game as a free-to-play title on Steam. The developer’s self-published game allows players to pick a country and become a citizen giving them a chance to transform the country as they see fit.

Create a new virtual life in any nation. As a citizen of the chosen nation players can buy vehicles, items, properties, start a political party, fight in international battlefields, participate in races, and even take part in special agent fights against other nation’s special agents.

Every country is named after a real-world country. Gameplay features MMO and RPG elements mixed with strategy that allows for varying ways to enjoy the game. Players get to decide how they will invest their time and with what activities they wish to participate.

For this game the sky is not even the limit. One can attack other citizens or jump into politics and become a senator or president. Every country’s government is a member of the international World Congress which acts as a governing body of the world. Ultimately it is up to the player to decide if they want to work, train, and fight in a war or participate in friendly daily races.

A more detailed gameplay video is available to help further explain some of the various elements can be found on the World Nations Game YouTube channel.

World Nations Game is available on Windows PC as a free-to-play to title on Steam. For more information about World Nations Game follow @WorldNationsG on Twitter or visit the game’s website which also includes a guide and wiki for the game.

World Nations Game – In-depth Trailer | SCLITIFY IT

SCLITIFY IT is an independent game developer. The company is working on their first self-published Steam title, the free-to-play MMO-style strategy game World Nations Game.