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SCARF Explores 3D Platforms Just in Time for the Holidays

HandyGames and independent developer Uprising Studios released their 3D single player platforming adventure, SCARF, on digital distribution platforms just in time for the holidays. With gorgeous worlds and exciting puzzles the game features a deep mythical narrative and a seemingly ordinary scarf.

One is never truly alone. From the moment players step foot into the beautiful world of SCARF they are accompanied by a magical creature with the ability to shape-shift. Wrapped in what appears to be a simple dragon-shaped scarf, the player’s avatar is on a mission to find its home and mother. To accomplish this task one must follow the souls who stole the keys to the portal home.

Adventuring in the world of SCARF is no easy feat. Challenging obstacles are abundant that contain complex puzzles. While the puzzles and challenges may prove to be difficult, the game’s mechanics are forgiving. Players can take their time and enjoy their immersive experience in this world and discover the various locales filled with artistic beauty.

SCARF is available on Windows PC through Humble Bundle, Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store for $14.99 USD. The game is available with a 10% discount during its launch week on some of the digital distribution platforms. For more information visit the game’s page on the publisher’s website here.

SCARF Release Trailer | HandyGames

HandyGames (@handy_games Twitter) is a THQ Nordic family member and operates as an international publisher for mid-sized projects and developers. Based in Würzburg, Germany, they focus on creating and publishing games for current gen consoles and games for PC distribution channels such as Steam.

Uprising Studios (@UprisingWorks Twitter) is a small indie game developer based in Salamanca, Spain. Founded in 2017, the studio is comprised of a seven member team who have been working on Uprising Studios’ first game, SCARF.

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