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Craftlands Workshoppe Exits Early Access

Excalibur Games and Lithuanian indie developer Arvydas Žemaitis released their fantasy business adventure Craftlands Workshoppe. After a little over a year in early access the game officially launches with a v1.0 update concluding the story plus several more goodies.

In the full release v1.0 update the full complete story is now available with the addition of the final quest line. Selutarr’s Mansion is finally opening for players to enter. Inside resides a mysterious wizard that triggers the final quest line. Completing the story opens up a portal to a new dimension. For players to accomplish this mighty task one will need to reach 100% reputation with all freight destinations, gather lucifrite crystals, discover more about Timothy’s past, and craft Allcraft’s Magical Key.

Created by the lead developer of the indie Shoppe Keep series, Craftlands Workshoppe offers a brand new experience featuring a cast of colorful characters, intrigue, portals, air ships, and more. While life in the clouds might seem like a dream, there is always work needing to be done if one expects to turn a tidy profit with their hastily acquired and very dilapidated workshoppe.

The skills of alchemy, cookery, and blacksmithing are required and tested when restoring the workshoppe to its former glory. A master of one’s crafts will be on full display. Plus, don’t forget to feed the dog when doing the fantasy shop renovation. With the full release the developer wishes to thank all those who supported the game with feedback and bug reports during the early access period.

Craftlands Workshoppe is currently available in early access on Humble Bundle and Steam for $19.99 USD. During the game’s launch week, ending on December 24, 2021, gamers can enjoy a 10% discount. For more information about the game follow @CraftlandsGame on Twitter, join the game’s official Discord, or visit the game’s page on the publisher’s site here.

Craftlands Workshoppe – Official Launch Trailer | Excalibur Games

Arvydas Žemaitis (@strangefiredev Twitter) is a Lithuanian indie developer who has worked on the Shoppe Keep franchise. Currently he is working on Craftlands Workshoppe, the latest entry in the series.

Excalibur Games (@Excalpublishing Twitter) is the publishing arm of parent company Contact Sales Ltd. Founded in 1997 the company has moved forward to release its own original products while reaching a worldwide audience on most major platforms. Their portfolio includes JalopyTracksShoppe Keep 2 and Flashing Lights.

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