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Time Master Platformer Plays with Time, Demo Available

Indie solo developer MorpheusZ Games unveiled details for their upcoming 3D puzzle platformer Time Master that currently has a demo available on Steam. In early 2022 players will follow the talented wizard Zeno as he tries to bring back his sister after accidently banishing her to a prison vortex.

A mysterious has begun talking to Zeno. This voice is telling the reluctant wizard to set things right by passing through a series of trials created by the Ancients. After accidently banishing his sister, Zeno is reluctant to take up his wizard’s staff once more, but the voice is too compelling.

Players will need to guide Zeno through a variety of puzzles that will challenge their skills. Zeno is a very talented wizard and has recruited his past self to help master the mechanics of these challenges. Only by coordinating with his past and present self will Zeno be able to overcome each puzzle’s obstacles.

As Zeno recovers time fragments the story unfolds in a series of cinematic fully-voiced scenes. Some of these scenes offer a comedic punch while others offer some surprises. Players will aid Zeno in creating time paradoxes in order to get his sister back.

Time Master is scheduled for an early 2022 release on PC through Steam. A Time Master demo is available on Steam now giving players an early look at what is to come in the game. For more information about the game visit it’s Steam page.

Time Master Demo Trailer | MorpheusZ Games

MorpheusZ Games (@TheMorpheusZ Twitter) is a California based indie game developer. Founded by long-time gamer and engineer MorpheusZ, the studio was founded in 2017 and is a solo game development project. The studio focuses on delivering memorable experience while striving to create games that are enjoyed by casual gamers while also delivering story depth and deep gameplay. Currently the studio is busy working on its debut title Time Master.