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Retro FPS KUR Receives Largest Update Yet

The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and developer Really Ragdoll Studios released the largest update yet for their retro FPS title KUR. Currently available in early access, the love letter to early 90’s FPS games has received a steady stream of updates since its reveal at Realms Deep 2021 showcase.

Community feedback has been key with updates and ongoing development. In this largest update yet for KUR the developer is introducing a new cash rewards system. After all when one plays a mercenary for hire cash is king. As players make bank they can upgrade at the end of every single level.

To let players flex their amazing kill skills new leaderboards are being introduced. Not all skill is measured in points only. Now players can brag about who holds the biggest bag or who is the fastest player to complete the final new challenge in the Factory.

New playable content in the form of a new challenging intro level and rework encounters in the campaign is available. Hammerhead ragdoll corpse physics are now in game and a new blood flavor, plasma blood can also be seen in game. The developer also teased more changes in the patch, but those are being left for players to discover.

For those unfamiliar with KUR, the game has a retro 1990’s FPS look and feel. There are more than 20 levels full of secrets, boss fights, and hideous enemies. Rogue robots covered in human flesh is nothing to sneeze at. The human colony on Mars is being massacred and The Corporation has hired mercenaries to cleanup the mess and save the day. However this isn’t the standard bail out the company mission and those who survive will more than likely demand hazard pay.

KUR is available in early access on Windows PC through Steam for $19.99 USD. For more information about KUR visit the game’s Steam page or the developer’s website.

KUR – Gameplay Trailer | Really Ragdoll Studios

Really Ragdoll Studios (@ReallyRagdoll Twitter) is a Seattle, Washington based indie game developer. Founded in 2018 by Navy veteran Brian Spain and self-taught game developer Kehran Carr, the studio is currently developing its first title KUR. The studio aims to develop games that leaves players with a strong impression while keeping them coming back for more.

The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild (@QuantumApG Twitter) was created in 2011 by Ty Taylor, a Forbes 30 Under 30 inductee. The Seattle, Washington based company’s first game, The Bridge, released in 2013 and was featured in various competitions and festivals around the world. Tumblestone, their second title, released in 2013. In 2019, the company began publishing third-party indie titles with a portfolio that now includes Almost There: The PlatformerThe Ambassador: Fractured Timelines, and Breakpoint.