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GALAHAD 3093 Beta 11 Details

Simutronics is hosting the third free open beta test, Beta 11, for their upcoming mech hero shooter GALAHAD 3093. Beta 11 takes place on Steam and comes after ten prior beta tests that have expanded and improved upon the gameplay experience where players choose a Knight and pilot a customizable Lance is epic battles.

Fresh features and improvements await both new and returning pilots. Players can squad up with up to three Steam friends and stay on the same team between matches. Private voice channels allows for strategic gameplay. New players can jump into the new tutorial experience that offers a step-by-step gameplay guide.

Europe is ripe for exploration. Players will need to learn how to navigate the low gravity and icy weather of GALAHAD 3093’s latest map.

There are many Lance models and players will want to find the one that best fits their playstyle. Pre-made Lance variants such as the heavy machine Bastion or the light increased stat Lance Cyclone are available for players to try out. New module tiers offer thousands of potential loadouts through mixing and matching that include the explosive Self Detonator or the defensive Facing Shield.

The GALAHAD 3093 Beta 11 starts on Friday, November 12, 2021 at 6 PM EST. Players can access the beta by visiting the game’s Steam page and click Request Access. During this 10 day period players can choose their Knight and pilot a customizable Lance in explosive battles for territory. Beta 11 officially runs until 9 AM EST on Monday, November 22, 2021.

GALAHAD 3093 has a yet to be revealed launch date for PC on Steam. For more information about the game follow @galahad3093 on Twitter or visit

GALAHAD 3093 Beta 11 Trailer | Simutronics

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