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Clunky Hero Enters Early Access on PC

Estonia-based multimedia production company Chaosmonger Studio released their early access story-driven platformer Clunky Hero on PC. This release is the second title for the multi-disciplinary production studio’s coming after the January 2021 release of Encodya.

The game’s story is centered around Rufus. He needs help as his wife has been kidnapped and he wants to get her back. Armed with a broom and a bucket, he sets off to rescue her from the Evil One. Action, humor, and mystery await players as they help Rufus travel through this innovative take on the metroidvania genre.

There are nearly 40 different levels set in seven different areas and more than 15 interiors of this bizarre and exciting 2D world. Players can also do side quests, discover weapons, and fight bosses along their journey. A total of six skills are available for players to master: double jump, dash, dive, cling, range shot, and blasting attack. Eight different bonus items on top of three bonus slots allow players to boost their skills and abilities.

Side quests provide valuable experience to help level up the character. Players can trade items they have acquired at various shops found throughout in the game. The game also has loads of humor through funny dialogues to interesting items and weapons. Currently the game will support eight languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Traditional Chinese.

I’ve been developing Clunky Hero for about 2 years and many things changed in the meantime. Lots of new additions, and a lot of polishing each time we were making a new build. And it’s amazing how the simple details (like a new UI, a sound, or a simple visual effect) can improve the game and make it look more professional. All in all, despite the development is yet to be done, our team is very happy with the Early Access version!

Nicola Piovesan, CEO of Chaosmonger Studio

Clunky Hero is available in early access on PC for Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam for $8.99 USD. A special 15% off early access launch promotion runs until November 16, 2021. The early access version’s price is approximately 30-40% cheaper than that of the full game release price. Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation versions are planned for a Q1 2022 release.

Clunky Hero – Early Access Release Trailer | Chaosmonger Studio

Chaosmonger Studio (@chaosmonger79 Twitter) is an award winning multimedia production company based out of Estonia. The studio was founded in 2000 and since then has taken part in several prestigious festivals from around the world such as Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, Shanghai Film Festival, and Kiev Short Film Festival. In addition the studio has worked with brands like Nike, Century Media, Heineken and has won nearly 100 awards.