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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update #8 Adds Government Loyalty

Indie game developer 3DIVISION adds Government Loyalty in Update #8 for the soviet-themed cold war era city builder and simulator, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. The city builder and sim with a heavy focus on resource management, infrastructure, industry, and economy now allows for the construction of monuments to increase citizen loyalty.

Highly educated citizens can now work at the secret police building. Duty vehicles are assigned to these workers that look like personal cars, but are assigned to the secret police building allowing for secret police to travel undercover to residential areas. Spy equipment can be installed in the homes of citizens to gather loyalty information on those living in the home.

Every citizen has a government loyalty level. High levels equate to higher levels of productivity. Additionally they will have less negative influence on overall happiness. Citizens with lower loyalty can be restricted from working in critical industries such as education, TV or radio in effort to reduce the risk of negative influence over other citizens. To help boost government loyalty monuments can be built adding up to a 50% boost for all citizens who pass by the monument.

Community feedback has helped in design of a GUI overhaul. The new GUI has been update for ease of use. A new construction menu with customizable screen positions and a quick stats tab for information access on citizens is available. Information about the republic’s economy is also available in the quick stats menu.

Other additions in Update #8 include optimized traffic flow for parking lots, complex rail signals mechanic update, and orphanages have been added for children without parents. A more complete list of changes can be found on the game’s Steam page here.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic including Content Update #8 is available on Steam as an early access game for $29.99 USD. The Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic soundtrack is also available for $2.99 USD. For more information on Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic visit the game’s website at

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update #8 | 3DIVISION

3DIVISION (@3DIVISIONgames Twitter) is an independent game development company located in Kosice, Slovakia. The small company of freelance developers primarily focuses on PC and console games with over 10 years of experience. Past titles include Air Missions: HIND, Foosball: World Tour, and the Air Conflicts saga.