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Festival Tycoon Sim Enters Early Access

Solo developer indie studio Dreihaus, run by Johannes Gäbler, along with Future Friends Games released their early access music festival sim Festival Tycoon. Now available on Steam, the game challenges players to build and host the wildest music festival ever while growing their musical empire.

Featuring all the necessary elements of building the perfect music festival, players are put in charge of booking bands, setting up stages, organizing the line-up, designing the tent layouts, and figuring out the right spot for the portable toilets. Satisfaction of festival attendees is equally important as the sponsors. From the humble beginnings of a simple open field music festival to creating a Coachella-sized event the game aims to create a colorful voxel-filled world of fun. Getting the right talent and reacting to various challenging events will lead one to a most excellent festival that will grow into a musical force.

The game is a fusion of builder, management and RTS. Players will need to fully design their festival layout that includes tens, VIP bungalows, stages, portable toilets, decorations, and vendors. Once the stage is set players will need to use their bargaining skills to book talent from a wide range of genres that will help attract sponsors and sell tickets.

After the event kicks off, managers will want to monitor the attendees satisfaction. Unhappy ticket holders are quick to take to social media and let the festival have a piece of their mind. Events will also challenge managers. To ensure a smooth operation one will need to react quickly whether it be the dispatching of first aiders or repairing of the beer vans. Also, don’t let the trash build up as no one wants to attend a smelly event.

With success one can continue to grow their musical festival empire. Reacting to world events such as band breakups, record releases, sponsorship feuds, and more can give festival designers that edge to become the greatest of all time.

Festival Tycoon is available in early access for Windows PC through Steam for $9.99 USD. A Festival Tycoon Supporter Pack DLC is available for $4.99 USD that includes a special in-game item. For more information about Festival Tycoon follow @FestivalTycoon on Twitter or visit the game’s website at

Festival Tycoon Launch Trailer | Dreihaus

Dreihaus is a solo developer studio run by Johannes Gäbler and is based in Austria. Currently Gäbler is developing his debut game Festival Tycoon alongside his studies at University in Vienna. In 2020 the Vienna Business Agency provided funding to help launch his debut game into early access.

Future Friends Games (@FutureFriendsVG Twitter) was founded in 2017 with the simple mission of helping indie games get the love they deserve. Initially the company focused on PR and later branched out into publishing. The company’s debut titles include Omno, Exo One, and Festival Tycoon all of which are releasing in 2021.