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Staxel Nintendo Switch Release Plus Linux and Mac Versions

Plukit released their free roaming farm and village life game Staxel on Nintendo Switch alongside Linux and Mac releases for PC. A limited-time 25% discount is available to celebrate the new launches.

Enjoy the farm and village life in the sandbox voxel world of Staxel. The immersive first-person experience allows players to grow their farm, build and expand the village, and invite their friends to come enjoy the fun. From adventures in the wilderness to exploring portal worlds there is always something to do in the world of Staxel.

Starting with an overgrown country farmhouse, players can fully customize and grow their farm as they see fit. The small and quaint village needs new housing in order to grow. For new residents to move to the village the player will need to design and build new housing. With a wide range of construction blocks and various decoration styles players can really let their creative skills cut loose in their builds.

Around and outside of the village there are fish and bugs to catch and collect. Artifacts can be mined to uncover relics of the past that will make great exhibits for a city museum. Portal otherworldly realms offer unique materials and opportunities to explore. Plus there are always town festival events just around the corner.

Staxel is available on Windows, Linux and Mac for PC through Humble BundleSteam and GOG for $19.99 USD. The Staxel Nintendo Switch is available on the eShop $24.99 USD. For more information on Staxel follow @StaxelGame on Twitter or visit the game’s website at

Staxel – Nintendo Switch Official Launch Trailer | Plukit

Plukit is a game development studio based in The Netherlands that focuses on making games with a fully remote team. Currently the studio is focused on the development of Staxel. A complete list of team members is available at

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