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Timberborn Early Access Puts Beavers In Charge

Polish independent developer Mechanistry are putting the beavers in charge as they release their early access beaver city-builder Timberborn. Presenting a feasible vision of a post-human wasteland Earth, various beaver factions have risen to power.

The era of humans has come to end. Now is the era of the beaver. In Timberborn players run a beaver colony. They can chose to be the nature-friendly Folktails or the industrious Iron Teeth. Each faction incorporates a unique architectural style and plays differently because of faction exclusive buildings such as windmills, engines or cloning facilities.

Regardless of faction, all beavers face the same challenges of survival and expansion. The world constantly faces recurring ever harsher dry seasons. Luckily for the beavers they have a range of tools at their disposal to aid them in these trying seasons that include dams, floodgates, irrigation, and advanced cities where building of metal and wood can be stacked on top of another building.

After three years of development, the Mechanistry team is proud of what they have implemented in the game.

The two beaver factions play completely different but both make good use of Timberborn’s unique take on the city-building genre – here, water engineering with dams and water physics dictates the success. As one would expect from a beaver game, the wood industry is a key player too but it’s not just about sawmills and lodges – Timberborn colonies grow vertically, layer by layer, with platforms and bridges. Finally, there’s the post-apocalyptic aspect with an underlying threat of deadly droughts that hit harder and harder, threatening to reclaim the beaver lands.

Bartlomiej Dawidow, Lead Designer, Timberborn

In the early access release there are two beaver factions each with their own gameplay traits. Various beaver builds such as floodgates, canals, and river control

Timberborn is available on PC for Windows and Mac through Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG for $24.99 USD. A 10% off early access launch discount runs until September 22, 2021. For more information about Timberborn follow @Timberborn on Twitter or visit the developer’s website here.

Timberborn Early Access Trailer | Mechanistry

Mechanistry (@mechanistry Twitter) is an independent studio based in Poland. Currently the Mechanistry team features seven members who have been working remotely on the studio’s debut title Timberborn.