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Mondealy: Day One Prologue 2D Pixel Adventure

Valkyrie Initiative and indie game developer uglycoal released the hour-long pixel adventure prologue Mondealy: Day One. This free-to-play single player release includes a small part of the plot to the main game Mondealy.

An ordinary guy from an ordinary town on an ordinary day has uncovered an unextraordinary world. Meet Michael, the ordinary guy who has discovered hidden pathways under his town. At the end of these pathways lies the underground kingdom of Dargratt. Through a strange series of events and coincidences, Michael meets the royal family who must decide where his future may lie.

The adventure before Michael is a world of exploration and relationships. Choices will be made and there are consequences. As Michael builds relationships with the deeply flamboyant and sexy characters of both worlds, he will learn their stories and vision of the world around them. Some may even ask for assistance if one is willing.

In the prologue players get to experience part of the main storyline and some side quests as they spend one day at the underground kingdom. As one immerses themselves into this new world they will learn about the laws, beliefs, events, and inhabitants. During this one day prologue, players can meet the kingdom’s inhabitants, explore its wonder, and unravel some of the story.

For the most dedicated and curious of players an in-game character gallery provides additional details about the characters they meet. Included is information on how they were created, their in-game history, and sources of inspiration.

Mondealy: Day One is available on Windows PC through Steam and for free. Gamers can wishlist and follow Mondealy on Steam which is planned for a 2022 release. For more information about Mondealy visit the game’s Steam page.

Mondealy: Day One – Trailer | Valkyrie Initiative

Valkyrie Initiative (@ValkyrieInitia1 Twitter) is a Russian video game publisher with a focus on indie game titles with a decade of experience on Steam. Previously the studio has helped publish titles such as Demoniaca: Everlasting Night and Hippocampus. Currently the company is working on Card Blitz: WWII and Orange Cast.

uglycoal (@the_uglycoal Twitter) is a pixel artist and GameMaker Studio 2 developer based in Russia. Currently the developer is busy working on Mondealy.