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Staxel Nintendo Switch Release Date Set for Late September

Plukit is bringing the free roaming farm and village life of Staxel to Nintendo Switch with a release date set for late September. A brand new Staxel Nintendo Switch announcement trailer is available for viewing that highlights a tiny portion of the gameplay.

Everything in game is customizable. Every building, every piece of land is built block by block. From one’s own farm house to the design of the village’s shops can be designed to fit one’s desired aesthetics. With the construction of new homes and stores, a cast of interesting new characters will move to the small town brining their own stories and personalities.

Around the village and beyond lies a world of wonder begging for exploration. Along the journey there are plenty of bugs to hunt, fish to catch, stuff to mine. Artifacts can be mined and polished leading to interesting exhibits for a town museum or be sold for a nice profit. The same goes for bugs, fish, and other items to gather.

Back in town and on occasion, there are various festivals and holiday events. Mysterious travelers offer interesting tales and sometimes interesting items for sale or through quests. From unusual decorations to some useful items for use back on the farm can be acquired.

This is a game a about farming too. After moving into an old farm house near the village players can opt to do whatever they want with their piece of land. One can choose to restore the run down house or knock it down and build a mansion. Clearing the grounds gives room to plant crops or an orchard. Being a farm, players might also want to raise some animals such as chickens or cows for eggs and milk. Ultimately the choice is up to the player in how they interact, design, and live in this world.

Originally released on PC in 2018, Staxel has since enjoyed a series of content updates. All of these world expanding updates are a part of the Nintendo Switch edition. The Switch version has been carefully optimized for maximum performance and integration with the key feature of the console.

We have some big Switch fans here at the studio, so we definitely went the extra mile to make the best possible version of Staxel for the Nintendo Switch. It has everything in the PC version, with carefully optimized and adapted controls so you can easily lose yourself in your own farming fantasy!

Bart van der Werf, Lead Developer and Plukit Owner

Staxel is currently available on Windows PC through Humble BundleSteam and GOG for $19.99 USD. The Staxel Nintendo Switch release date is set for September 23, 2021 for $24.99 USD. Nintendo Switch pre-orders are currently available at the eShop for $17.99 USD. For more information on Staxel follow @StaxelGame on Twitter or visit the game’s website at

Staxel is coming to Nintendo Switch Trailer | Plukit

Plukit is a game development studio based in The Netherlands that focuses on making games with a fully remote team. Currently the studio is focused on the development of Staxel. A complete list of team members is available at

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