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Workshop Simulator Sets October PC Release Date

Polish game developer Intermarum announced an October release date for their restoration simulation title, Workshop Simulator. Featuring highly-detailed 3D objects, players will craft and restore vintage furniture, tools, toys and works of art using real-world tools and technical craft within the game.

Using a detailed and authentic workshop, Workshop Simulator offers players a warm and creative space to experience the on the rewarding nature of tools and craft. Along with the tools is a heartwarming and nostalgic story about lessons in patience and generosity across generations.

The workshop itself features a wide range of true-to-life tools. Hammers, drills, paints, and machinery have been recreated in this visually rich environment with physical details. From repairing to refurbishing players will use a range of techniques and mechanics to bring various vintage items back to life. With gameplay more tools and specialist equipment is unlocked.

We’re inspired by the world of workshop creativity and expertise you can find online. There is a whole community of skilled craftspeople we enjoy watching breathe new life into beautiful old objects. We want to give players a workshop of their own where they can relax and restore unwanted vintage items and precious antiques with care, detail and love. We can’t wait to see what players will create later this year!

Marcin Książek, Creative & Art Director at Intermarum

Workshop Simulator has an October 25, 2021 release date set for Windows PC through Steam. Players can wishlist and follow the game now on Steam. For more information about Workshop Simulator visit the game’s Steam page.

Workshop Simulator – Release Date Trailer | INTERMARUM

INTERMARUM (@intermarum Twitter) is a Polish independent game development studio with the slogan “Dare to Dream.” Founded in 2010 in the city of Opole, the team utilizes the silence and peace of the beautiful area to enhance their creativity. The studio’s portfolio includes Space Company Simulator and Puppet Battle.