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Ranch Simulator Horses Update

Excalibur Games and indie solo developer Toxic Dog released the the horses major content update for the open-world co-op homesteading title, Ranch Simulator. Besides building, farming, hunting, and trading on their own ranch homestead, players can now buy, train, and sell horses.

William’s Livestock Auction is now in business. To travel to the auction, players will need to interact with the bus stop near their ranch. For only $50 one can travel to the auction house where the bidding for horses can begin. Horse prices are determined by their four stats: stamina, speed, handling, and health. Higher stats increases the horse’s worth. Stats also affect the run speed, run duration, and turn sharpness of a horse.

Horse training on the ranch is no problem. Simply riding the horse will train it. In the blueprint book a training paddock for horses can be constructed. This circular run will increase a horses experience as they run inside and complete successful jumps over the jump gates.

A whistle, aim at the horse and press the ‘H’ key, can call the horse which will follow the player around. To help out players get a handle on horses the in-game glossary now includes entries on horses and horse training. When riding a horse, players will also want a stylish cowboy hat. A new hat category is available in the character editor that offers three cowboy hats.

This update also includes a grass spawning fix and some notes on video settings and current known optimization issues associated with the version of Unreal Engine currently in use. For a more detailed list of changes in the Ranch Simulator Horses update read the patch notes here.

This update is the end of the current roadmap. The developer is planning to announce the next early access roadmap in the coming weeks which will outline their vision for the next group of updates.

Ranch Simulator is available in early access on PC through Humble Bundle or Steam for $24.99 USD. A 20% off Horses Update discount runs until September 7, 2021. For more information about Ranch Simulator follow @RanchSimulator on Twitter or visit the game’s page on the publisher’s website here.

Ranch Simulator – Build Anywhere – Official Trailer | Excalibur Games

Toxic Dog (@ToxicDogDev Twitter) is a Russian indie developer. Previously the solo developer released Catch A LoverCatch A Lover – Nightmare DLC and Dummy! on Steam. Currently, Toxic Dog is focused on their early access project Ranch Simulator.

Excalibur Games (@Excalpublishing Twitter) is the publishing arm of parent company Contact Sales Ltd. Founded in 1997 the company has moved forward to release its own original products while reaching a worldwide audience on most major platforms. Their portfolio includes JalopyTracksShoppe Keep 2 and Flashing Lights.

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