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Hell Architect Crafts Ways to Roast Sinners

Publisher Leonardo Interactive and developer Woodland Games released their comically dark humored survival-sim game, Hell Architect. It’s time to create and craft some clever ways to roast sinners down below as a fresh architect who is in charge of a hellish renovation.

Lilith, who happens to be head of Hell’s HR department, runs a very tight ship. Hell is kind of looking a little run down and now players are in charge of devising creative new ways of squeezing every bit of suffering from sinners. Lost souls are always arriving and each has their own set of talents. Putting them to work in areas they are suited for like harvesting materials or other grunt work will free up a players time to research new buildings.

From toilets to demonic conference rooms, this new Hell needs to be ready for any incoming lost souls or demonic VIPs who drop in. Each will require attention and as more souls arrive the demand on resources increases. Managing resources and empire expansion is key to keeping the bosses happy including the big guy Lucifer.

Players have the chance to flex their creative muscles and inflict as much suffering as possible. With 9 infamous levels of Hell to furnish in the single player campaign or creating their own unique hell in sandbox mode, there are plenty of opportunities to punish some sinners. Hell bases start with basic buildings like power stations and canteens for workers. As the empire expands shrines and torture devices are added to increase the suffering of Hell’s residents. It is up to the player to decide how sinners are punished so pick a method and unleash some hell.

Featuring 2D art, the game blends brutal and gorey themes with outlandishly dark humor. Picking from a motley crew of history’s most despicable, players can play as one of these legendary characters. Each person possesses special abilities which aid in building one’s hellscape.

Hell Architect is available on Windows and Mac for PC through Steam or GOG for $24.99 USD. A 15% off launch promotion runs until August 25, 2021 on Steam and GOG. The free Hell Architect: Prologue is available for players to try before buying. For more information about Hell Architect visit the game’s page on the publisher’s website here.

Hell Architect – Official Release Date Trailer | Leonardo Interactive

Leonardo Interactive (@leonardointera Twitter) is an award-winning video game publisher. Based in Rome, Italy, the company has produced and published titles across all major platforms on both physical and digital media. Their game launches include the award-winning Dry Drowning and Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town. The publisher is also the owner of VLG publishing that is focused on bringing to market the best stories ever written.

Woodland Games (@woodland_games Twitter) is a game development studio from Poland. The studio’s knows what it wants and that is to give players the best games they can possibly make and games they would want to play. Their belief is that true passion and putting one’s heart into their work will result in great products. Attention to detail is important for their games from graphics to gameplay.