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Stardeus Space Colony Sim Kickstarter Ongoing

Lithuanian indie developer Kodo Linija blasts off to the stars with their space colony sim Kickstarter campaign for Stardeus. Inspired by games like RimWorld, Factorio, Dwarf Fortress, Oxygen Not Included, Prison Architect, and FTL, the game features aspects of automation, base building, and space exploration.

With an army of robots and drones at one’s command, players play as an immortal AI. Gameplay is entirely up to the player. For example a player may decide to build a thriving human colony and prosper on spaceships. Another example is to keep everyone is stasis and build a massive space factory. The option to kickstart a robot uprising and turn everyone into living batteries is always an option too.

Every mode of gameplay and base one builds the focus is on AI storytelling. This narrative approach makes situations unique to a player’s experience. As the story unfolds comedic moments from crew interactions to face-palming fires that burn down the space empire results in a unique adventure that is always unscripted.

Currently Stardeus is at the start of the game’s Kickstarter campaign that started on August 16, 2021. With 130 backers and 29 days to go the game is about a third-way to its initial funding goal of approximately $16,623 USD. At 5 AM on September 15, 2021 the campaign concludes.

Several backer tiers are available. Lower tiers grant combinations in part or all of a Backer title in Discord, 4K desktop wall paper and digital, name in credits, and a digital copy of the game. Higher level tiers open up backers to having instant alpha access, a chance to name an in-game NPC, robot, or planet, digital artbook and a digital soundtrack. The ultimate backer tier also includes the addition of one’s artwork in-game as a cosmetic item subject to developer verification.

Stardeus is planned for an early access launch in August or September 2022 on Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle Store for Windows, Linux and Mac. Gamers can add Stardeus to their wishlist now on Steam in addition to trying out a demo. The demo is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Players can also visit to download the demo. More information about Stardeus can be found by following @StardeusGame on Twitter or by visiting

Stardeus Kickstarter Trailer | Kodo Linija

Kodo Linija (@KodoLinija Twitter) is a small independent developer from Vilnius, Lithuania. Founded by Tomas Varaneckas (@dev_spajus Twitter), is a one-man game development studio. Previously the developer released Relaxicon in 2018 and Bloody Rally Show in 2020. Currently the studio is busy working on their latest project, Stardeus, a space colony sim.

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