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Weekly Rewind: August 7, 2021

Welcome to the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for August 7, 2021 where we take a look at gaming stories and events that we missed out on our coverage over the past week of gaming news.

August is here and those in the Northern Hemisphere know that the summer heat is in full swing. To beat the one could stay inside and play some video games like the recently released minimalist skateboarding game The Ramp. Or one might want to dive into some action-RPG metroidvania fun in GRIME.

While August is just kicking off there is news of things to come this month. Train Sim World 2 is getting ready to release Rush Hour: Season Ticket that bundles several new train routes coming to the game. Later in the month during Gamescom, Police Simulator: Patrol Officer will be adding the Nightshift with Friends update which includes multiplayer support. Lastly for those that cannot wait, Klei Entertainment has just released the Solar Swamped Update for Oxygen Not Included and their Spaced Out! DLC.

Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour – Coming Soon | Dovetail Games

Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour Season Ticket Coming in August

Dovetail Games is laying tracks for Train Sim World 2: Rush Hour which introduces a Rush Hour: Season Ticket that bundles forthcoming routes. The first new route is the Boston Sprinter which pulls out of the station on August 19, 2021. Route in the Season Ticket include: Brighton Main Line: London Victoria – Brighton, Northeast Corridor: Boston – Providence, and Nahverkehrsnetz Dresden – Riesa.

In the add-on’s Boston Sprinter route the Amtrak ACS-64 is featured along with the MBTA F40PH-3C diesel locomotive. This route will also feature authentic sound recordings taken from the real locomotives creating a realistic audio experience.

Train Sim World 2 is currently available on Windows PC through Humble BundleSteam, and Epic Games Store for $29.99 USD. The game is also available on the Xbox One and PS4 consoles. The Rush Hour: Season Ticket will be available for $39.99 USD. More information about the game can found at or by following @trainsimworld on Twitter.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers – The Background Check Update | astragon

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Multiplayer Update Next

German developer Aesir Interactive and publisher astragon Entertainment are adding multiplayer access to their early access police officer game Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. The Nightshift with Friends update will come just a little over six weeks since the previous major update Background Check.

In the Nightshift with Friends update, which coincides with this year’s Gamescom on August 26, players or virtual officers are able to go on patrol in a new two-player co-op mode and experience a range of new features. Now while on patrol in the fictional streets of Brighton players will know that the patrol partners will have each other’s back.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is available in early access on Windows PC through Humble Bundle or Steam for $24.99 USD. For more information about Police Simulator: Patrol Officers follow @PolSimulator on Twitter or visit the game’s website at

Oxygen Not Included: Spaced Out! DLC – Early Access Gameplay Trailer | Klei Entertainment

Oxygen Not Included Solar Swamped Update

Klei Entertainment has released the Solar Swamped Update for Oxygen Not Included and its early access Spaced Out! DLC. Now that the game and its DLC is on a unified code base this update has new features for the DLC and many fixes for the base game.

For the Spaced Out! DLC the classic swamp cluster has been added. World generation now adds varied sunlight and radiation values per world. Starting planets will tend to be dim with outer planets having the previously seen default sunlight values. In addition with the Rocket Control Station, dupes will be less annoying at venturing into rockets and using the various buildings that they shouldn’t be using.

The base game has a wide range of bug fixes. The Gravitas Chandelier can be demolished. Steam’s molar mass has been corrected back to its previous value. Many world generation bugs have been addressed and the Serum Vial now correctly cures Zombie Spores. A more complete list of changes can be viewed here.

Oxygen Not Included’s base game is available on Steam for $24.99 USD on PC, Mac OS, and Linux. The Oxygen Not Included Spaced Out DLC is available in early access for $12.99 USD. For more information about Oxygen Not Included visit the game’s page here.

Thank you for reading the August 7, 2021 Edition of the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind. Be sure to check back next Saturday for a brand new edition of Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind and until then, keep on gaming.

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