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Lifeslide Paper Plane Adventure Lands on PC

Bulgarian indie developer Dreamteck took flight on PC with their paper plane adventure, Lifeslide, soaring to new heights on PC. The colorful low poly journey comes to Steam after making its way to Apple Arcade nearly two years ago.

Vibrant and colorful 3D environments set the stage for an atmospheric paper plane flight through life. Mastering an engineless flight mechanic is all that is necessary to travel through the various landscapes. No narration and no text is necessary as the story unfolds through one’s travel where the player gets to decide what to make of their journey.

When Lifeslide originally launched on Apple Arcade the game featured only a story mode with 16 levels. Since then the story mode has been vastly expanded. Two new game modes were also added. Zen mode is an endless flight experience and Online mode is a multiplayer racing adventure.

The jump to Steam evolves the game even more. Entire stages have been remade from scratch. Story mode now features 28 procedurally generated stages of life. Zen mode has been upgraded allowing players to customize and replay their favorite moments.

Weekly challenges with leaderboards encourage players to take the top spot. There are more than six paper planes with different play styles. Lifeslide features an original score that contains electronic, rock, and orchestral elements. Gameplay features full controller support and has been refined with the overall user experience improved.

Lifeslide is available on Windows PC through Steam for $14.99 USD. A demo is available on the game’s Steam page for players to try out before they buy. For more information about Lifeslide visit the game’s website at

Lifeslide Steam Release Trailer | Dreamteck

Dreamteck Studio (@dreamteckstudio Twitter) is a small indie developer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Founded by three university students in 2015, the studio originally focused on producing plug-ins for the Unity Engine. The also shared a common dream of creating an original title. After conceptualizing a game idea, the team began their self-fund journey in mid-2016 to develop what would become Lifeslide. Since the game’s Fall 2019 release on Apple Arcade the team has been working on expanding and improving the title.