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Natural Instincts Interactive Nature Sim Enters Early Access

Games Operators and development team DreamStorm Studios have unleashed the early access wilds of Natural Instincts, an interactive nature documentary sim. From rabbits to wolves, players get to experience a deeper insight into the wildlife of European forests in a 3D open world sandbox environment.

Each and every animal species have different characteristics and needs that lead to their own natural instincts that driven them. Wolves migrate to the same hunting grounds that their ancestors once roamed. Rabbits tend to reproduce in the same parts of the forest as they have for generations.

However, human’s have influenced the ecosystem with roads, trash, and other activities. All of these human interactions have interfered with the natural environment. In Natural Instincts, players have the opportunity to protect the animals, control their breeding, keep dangers away, and balance the ecosystem. While under the players protection, a flourish ecosystem can grow and thrive.

Gameplay allows players to manage animals in their natural environment. The innovative experience takes place in a lush green forest that is filled with many unique animals and plants. Players can supervise the wildlife and observe their actions. When necessary, players can immediately act to aid the animal in finding food, water or shelter and even keep them away from danger.

For a forest to have a thriving ecosystem, players will need to main balance. This is done through population control of the various species. Populations can be controlled with aid of predators, but one must always remember that the environment’s balance is very fragile and can easily break.

Nature is wild and all about survival. Random events will happen so players will want to consider their actions. Animals will have different behaviors and reactions to different situations. Players can observe and learn later applying this knowledge to their advantage. Natural selection can be influenced by the player by pairing the most aggressive of wolves or breeding the fastest of rabbits. The choices are entirely up to the player and the consequences are their reward.

Natural Instincts is available on Windows PC in early access through Steam for $9.99 USD. A 10% off early access launch discount is available until July 29, 2021. For more information about Natural Instincts visit the game’s webpage on the developer’s website here.

Natural Instincts – Release Trailer | Games Operators

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