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Ranch Simulator Build Anywhere Update

Russian indie developer Toxic Dog and publisher Excalibur Games released the Build Anywhere Update for their open-world homesteading title, Ranch Simulator. The solo or multiplayer co-op early access game that lets players farm, hunt, and trade now allows one to freely build facilities on their ranch.

At the heart of the Build Anywhere update for Ranch Simulator is a completely revamped building system. Players can now freely build foundations, walls, doors, stairs, roofs, coops, fences, feeders, and more. Along with the ability to freely build anywhere is a new map that is more optimized. The new map delivers a smoother gameplay experience for some players while also including some visual upgrades. Plus the ranch territory is larger!

Those who are eager to build up their ranch should stop by the hardware store. The newly introduced hardware store is the place to go for tools and building materials. Wood planks, concrete, metal rebars, lawnmowers, trailers, paint, and much more can be found at the new local hardware store.

Breeding piglets is now possible. Female pigs have been added to the game allowing players to breed their own pigs. When a female and a male pig are placed together there is a likely chance they will breed. This will result in the female giving birth to varying amounts of piglets who will follow their mother around.

Players will be disappointed to know that this update will wipe their saves as major changes to the building system means that previous saves are no longer compatible with the game. The update also includes varying bug fixes and changes with a more complete list of changes being found here.

Ranch Simulator is available in early access on PC through Humble Bundle or Steam for $24.99 USD. A 20% off Build Anywhere Update discount runs until July 19, 2021. For more information about Ranch Simulator follow @RanchSimulator on Twitter or visit the game’s page on the publisher’s website here.

Ranch Simulator – Official Multiplayer Trailer | Excalibur Games

Toxic Dog (@ToxicDogDev Twitter) is a Russian indie developer. Previously the solo developer released Catch A LoverCatch A Lover – Nightmare DLC and Dummy! on Steam. Currently, Toxic Dog is focused on their early access project Ranch Simulator.

Excalibur Games (@Excalpublishing Twitter) is the publishing arm of parent company Contact Sales Ltd. Founded in 1997 the company has moved forward to release its own original products while reaching a worldwide audience on most major platforms. Their portfolio includes JalopyTracksShoppe Keep 2 and Flashing Lights.

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