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Orb and the Stars Marble Game Shines Bright

French indie game developer Cataire Studios released their single player marble puzzle game, Orb and the Stars, on Steam for Windows PC. The studio is aiming to bring a revival of vintage marble mazes and table-top marbles with their first self-published title.

In the game, players meet a renowned astronomer from ancient times named Ptolemy. He is faced with an interstellar problem. All of the constellations he is studying are blinking out. One after one the constellations are disappearing and there appears to be no given reason.

Players will use a marble called “the orb” to explore these constellations from the Southern Hemisphere. Traveling from constellation to constellation players will attempt to reignite the stars. Each level is filled with vibrant colors in a setting where players will also meet colorful characters that symbolize the given constellation.

Every constellation has its own theme. Canis Major, the constellation of the greater dog takes players into the forest to meet the dog Sirius. Corvus, the constellation of the crow, is a level set high in the sky with cloud mazes and the crow Algorab. Cetus, the constellation of the whale, is an exploration of the sea depths where players will meet a whale named Mira. In total there are nine constellations.

Each constellation is composed of four level all ending with boss fight against a foe. A side objective runs alongside the main gameplay that requires players to collect all the star shards scattered throughout the levels. Players are rewarded with new skin unlocks for the orb, Steam achievements, and satisfaction of fully completing the game. An original soundtrack accompanies gameplay that features various mechanism to progress through the levels such as thrusters, catapults, and tilting plates.

Orb and the Stars is available on Windows PC through Steam for $11.99 USD. For more information about Orb and the Stars visit the games Steam page or the game’s page on the developer’s website here.

Cataire Studios (@Cataire Twitter) is an indie game development studio based in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Founded in 2020 by Pierre-Marie Aubineau, the studio aims to create video games while also offering development services including musical composition and English to French translation services.