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Hell of Men: Blood Brothers RTS Launches

Zerouno Games and developer Whacky Squad Studio have strategically escaped early access and launched their RTS Hell of Men: Blood Brothers. The single person development studio has been working on the single player real-time strategy game since 2019.

Set in the aftermath of a third World War, this RTS prioritizes the optimization of resources over the quantity of resources. Featuring eight chapters of a narrative that explores a deep crisis, players are thrown into a world that is falling apart. Russia has broken off diplomatic relations and invades Ukraine. The United Nation is left to watch and Europe is on the verge of exploding. The next target for Russia is Belarus and the people have every intention to defend and protect its sovereignty.

In the game players will need to collect resources to expand their base and form their platoon. Bases offer players several choices in terms of buildings and units. Each unit type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Scattered around the world are strategic points that players will need to capture for vehicles to spawn. Assigning soldiers to these vehicles enable their use.

The game thrusts players into an interesting story with a modern war context. Since players do not have direct control over their units, optimization is even more critical than ever. Players will want to optimize their infantry platoon as combat is on a small-scale. There are five factions with special units and bonuses. Four resources with three different types of collection exist in the colorful world environment. In the end, smart strategic decision making skills are the most important for success when assembling one’s army and building up their base.

Hell of Men: Blood Brothers is now available in full release on Windows PC through Steam for $24.99 USD. The game is also available on for $19.99 USD or more. At the time of this article a Hell of Men: Blood Brothers Demo is available to download for players to try the game out. More information about Hell of Men: Blood Brothers can be found by following @HellOfMen on Twitter or by visiting

Hell of Men: Blood Brothers – Launch Trailer | Zerouno Games

Zerouno Games (@ZerounoGames Twitter) is a game development studio and publisher from Madrid, Spain. The studio aims to tell great stories that catch the player that they can get excited about and characters they can identify with.

Whacky Squad Studio (@SquadWhacky Twitter) is a solo game developer based in western France. Founded by Dylan Ganuchaud in 2019, the studio’s first project is the RTS Hell of Men: Blood Brothers. Ganuchaud created the studio after his studies and decided to return to his first dreams of creating video games that transports players into new universes where he can tell stories.