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Lumberhill Task-Based Lumberjack Action on PC

All in! Games and developer 2BIGo with support of ARP Games released their chaotic multiplayer party game, Lumberhill, on Windows PC. A Nintendo Switch release of the task-based lumberjack action is planned for later this year.

Grab an axe, put on the flannel and get to work. Wood needs to be chopped. Animals need to be chased back into their pens. Throughout history wherever there was a tree there was a lumberjack there to cut it down. There are several unique events and time periods of which the lumberjacks will find themselves.

Crazy chaos and casually cute comedy is at the heart and soul of this family friendly multiplayer party game. Lumberjacks are tasked with getting their chores done with nature putting up a fight the whole time. Players face a mountain of challenges from ticking clock to fighting wildfires as they work to fulfill their tasks. One will also need to be on the lookout for pirates and some very annoying monkeys when traveling the world and through time. Be sure to watch out for the meteors, dinosaurs, and other random chaos that will keep any player on their toes.

We’re happy to add a new party game to our portfolio, especially at a time when games help people stay connected despite the pandemic. Lumberhill supports online multiplayer – it’s a great opportunity to play with people around the globe. We’ve already tested the potential of the party co-op genre with Tools Up!, which continues to be very popular, and we think Lumberhill is sure to make a great addition to the genre.

Piotr Żygadło, CEO at All in! Games

There are three different modes in the game: co-op, PvP, and solo. Co-op mode can be played both locally and online. With up to three others, one’s teamwork skills are put to the test. PvP mode is for the mischievous who wants to chase their friends around as a ram or a furious hog and hinder their ability to complete tasks. Solo mode allows a player to chill out and enjoy a journey in solitude.

Lumberhill is available on Windows PC through Humble Bundle and Steam for $14.99 USD. A 10% off launch release promotion is available until June 20, 2021 on Steam. A Nintendo Switch release is planned for Q4 2021. For more information about Lumberhill follow @lumberhillgame on Twitter or visit the game’s website at

Lumberhill – Official Release Trailer | All in! Games

All in! Games (@AllinGamesPub Twitter) is a new video game publishing and production company that was founded in 2018. Based in Krakow, Poland the company merged with Setanta in 2020 and is listed on the stock exchange in Warsaw. The company’s portfolio includes: GhostrunnerParadise LostAlaloth – Champions of The Four KingdomsFort TriumphDaymare: 1998Space CowsMetamorphosis, and Space Company Simulator.

ARP Games is a promoter of different gaming projects with a focus in the game development industry. The company supports projects in Poland through funding and assists in the publisher search for first time developers. Since their founding, over 30 teams have used ARP Games’ business accelerator support which have lead to five independent studios with a collective total of six published games.

2BIGo is a small indie game developer based out of Gliwice, Poland. Founded in 2018, the four-person team is focused on bringing joy and happiness through games. Lumberhill is the team’s first game that originally started as a hobby project.

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