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Garbage 3D Fighting Simulation Game Out on Steam

Indie publisher GrabTheGames and indie developer Homebased launched Garbage on Steam, a 3D fighting simulation game that features management and building elements. A grim city environment and hand drawn comics help narrate a chilling story of violence, dark humor, and survival.

Using humor in a non-offensive manner, Garbage allows players to experience the struggle and plight of a homeless man. All of the basic primitive elements of contemporary life, often which are taken for granted like staying warm, being well-nourished, and hygiene access all become an issue.

Live a chilling story through hand drawn comics that narrate the silliness of Garbage world. Just don’t get sucked in by the negative emotions.

Rafal Kokosza, CEO at GrabTheGames

The game features a chilling story and hand drawn comics to help tell the silliness of the world of Garbage. Strong visual effects and catchy music bring life to the grim city environment. Unique sounding character voices provide additional audio immersion that resemble no words, but rather a strange hobo-like mumble. A real world weather system that features day, night, and seasons adds depth to the world.

To build a powerful fighter players can choose from hundreds of skills. One will want to combine techniques to build a fight team that works together. An in-depth construction system features many unique buildings and upgrades to make the homeless life more comfortable.

At one’s homeless camp they can employ bums. Players are also tasked with the care of their bums who will need to be fed, showered, and trained. There are five districts that players can explore and occupy. Organized events, both legal and illegal, add to experience and are influenced by the story based on the player’s own path. From joining arenas for competitive fights to finding some action or commotion in an alleyway there are plenty of randomly generated events with unknown outcomes to keep players busy and on their toes.

Garbage is available on Windows PC through Steam for $14.99 USD. A 10% off release promotion sale runs until June 11, 2021. A demo that acts as an extended prologue, Garbage: Hobo Prophecy, is available on Steam as a free to play game. For more information about Garbage visit the game’s website at

Garbage – Fighting Simulator Trailer | Homebased

GrabTheGames (@GrabTheGames Twitter) is a company that started in 2012 by two gamers who were tired of buying video games at their full prices. Their publishing arm has helped to bring dozens of titles to market that includes Himno, Devious Dungeon, Keyboard Killers, and Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator.

Homebased is an indie game development studio. The team’s members, Donatas Kanapickas, Mindaugas Šimkūnas, and Algirdas Šimkūnas, are a group of passionate developers from Vilnius, Lithuania. Currently the studio is working on Garbage and previously released Garbage: Hobo Prophecy.