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Farmer’s Fairy Tale RPG Farming Simulation Released on PC

Developer and publisher upjers released their role playing farming simulation Farmer’s Fairy Tale on PC through Steam. The game mixes RPG elements alongside a farm simulator with a fairy tale world setting.

Thrown in the role of a cheeky city girl, players will find themselves taken to a fantasy fairy tale world. In this exciting land many adventures await. Through all of the various adventures players will fix up an old abandoned farm and become a part of the community.

Various colorful and quirky characters populate the world and will accompany this city slicker on her journey. From Deputy Mayor Señor Cato to Shorty a plant-wise giant, each of these characters will help our soon to be farmer learn the ins and outs of tilling fields and sowing crops. In addition they will teach her how to use the extensive crafting system and manufacture a variety of tools and other useful items for the farm. Of course she will need to learn the blueprints and recipes in order to make all of these useful items.

As one fixes up the farm they will be able to expand its operations. While there is plenty of things that need to be done on the farm, there are plenty of other things out in the magical world to explore. Out in the world is where one will run into the various characters. There are daunting tasks, various quests, and a humorous story just waiting for the right hero to come by.

Farmer’s Fairy Tale is available on Windows PC through Steam for $29.99 USD. A 20% off launch promotion runs until June 6, 2021. For more information about Farmer’s Fairy Tale visit the game’s Steam page.

upjers is a game developer and publisher located in Bamberg, Germany. The company is one of the leading developers of browser games and apps in Germany. Currently the company employs over 120 people at its headquarters and over 130 million players have registers for an upjers game or downloaded an upjers mobile app. Games from the company are also available on Steam and Amazon.