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Spacegirl 2038 Retro Arcade Space Shooter Released

Independent game development studio Borsuk Software released their retro arcade-style space shooter, Spacegirl 2038, on PC and current Xbox consoles. This 2D pixel art styled bullet hell shooter is the studio’s second title behind Spacegirl with both games featuring characters named after the children of the developer’s founder.

The game’s story puts players in the shoes of a newly qualified pilot named Lara. Her sister has recently gone missing alongside her crew and ship. As a new pilot, Lara has been told to not launch a rescue mission because of her inexperience. Lara really doesn’t listen and it is her sister after all.

With a rescue mission underway, players face an unexplored strange alien world. Somewhere is Lara’s sister and her crew. Now it is up to Lara to explore and find them. In the fast-paced and high-energy frenzied action of the game, players will need to safely navigate their ship on the rescue mission. However, it is up to the player if they want to leave a trail of destruction in their wake as they explore this alien world.

Multiple difficulty levels are available giving every type of gamer a chance from rookies to the most experienced. There is a special Bouncy Bouncy mode that is for players who are looking for both a challenge and the opportunity to satisfy their desire to fly a rubber ball through a space station. In addition to the main game there are a range of speed run challenges for players to identify who is the best pilot in their circle of friends and family.

A week before the release of Spacegirl 2038 the developer also released Spacegirl on Steam. The game is a retro 2D puzzle arcade title that features Matilda, another child of Borsuk Software founder Steven Ford. Players in the game guide Matilda through a homicidal space station by controlling various fluids to escape the various traps set by the station. There are 30 missions with each featuring potentially multiple solutions. Spacegirl is also available on the Microsoft Store for the Xbox family of consoles and

Spacegirl 2038 is available on Windows PC through Steam ($7.99 USD) and ($8.00 USD). The game is also available on the Microsoft Store ($7.19 USD) for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. For more information about Spacegirl 2038 visit the game’s webpage on the developer’s website here.

Spacegirl 2038 Launch Trailer | Borsuk Software

Borsuk Software (@borsuksoftware Twitter) is an independent game studio that was formed a few years ago by Steven Ford. Originally the first game’s developed by the studio were written for the founder’s children and feature their names as the main characters, however it had become clear that there was a demand from a wider audience. This lead to partnerships with MetalZebra Design for graphics and Max Jpeg for in-game soundtracks.