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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic Update #7 Adds Helicopters

Slovak game developer 3DIVISION released Update #7 for their soviet-themed themed cold war era city builder and simulator, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. The city builder and sim has a heavy focus on resource management, infrastructure, industry, and economy.

Since the March 2019 early access release this indie title has released a steady stream of major updates that has expanded the soviet-themed city builder greatly during this development phase. Update #7 continues this trend for the self-published title players can now use helicopters, an underground mode, underground pipelines, and much more.

With the introduction of helicopters, construction officers, hospitals, and fire stations become more powerful. Helicopters can be operated to help extinguish fires, serve as medical transports, and aid in construction at unreachable locations.

Helicopters might be the central theme of Update #7, but there is so much more. A new underground mode allows a player to see what is under the ground. This new mode is accessible with the special mode function. Underground pipelines have been added for more transport options. Pedestrian underpasses as well as overpasses allow for more foot traffic options for one’s citizenry.

Weather systems have been updated to include rain and a dynamic sun. More power systems options are available with the addition of wind, solar, and gas power plants. More work has been put into ground transportation systems with the addition of curved bridges. There are several more major and minor changes in Update #7. A more complete list of changes can be found on the game’s Steam page here.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic including Content Update #7 is available on Steam as an early access game for $29.99 USD. The Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic soundtrack is also available for $2.99 USD. For more information on Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic visit the game’s website at

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3DIVISION (@3DIVISIONgames Twitter) is an independent game development company located in Kosice, Slovakia. The small company of freelance developers primarily focuses on PC and console games with over 10 years of experience. Past titles include Air Missions: HIND, Foosball: World Tour, and the Air Conflicts saga.