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Nano Gaming News Game Review Scoring System

Nano Gaming News is venturing into the area of video game reviews. Naturally we had to come up with a method of rating video games. After much research and thought we at Nano Gaming News have decided to use a 10 point game review scoring system.

Our system is fairly similar to the various 10 point score systems. For example a 10 is considered a near perfect title, a 7 being an average or good game, and a 4 being a generally bad game. While assigning a score and even offering a review of a game is based off a subjective perspective when Nano Gaming News gives a review score we will looking at a game’s concept, graphics, audio, gameplay, entertainment, replayability, and any other factors that impact the gameplay experience.

In this current era of gaming, video games are often released before they are in their final form through some form of early development access model. Many of the review score systems out there will only review games that are at their released stage or have all of their core game systems in place. This often prevents games that are in various points in the development cycle from being reviewed.

At Nano Gaming News, and in effort to distinguish our review system from others, we also also implementing a Full Potential or FP Score that operates on the same 10 point scale system. To come up with an FP Score, Nano Gaming News will look at wide range of factors that impact the reviewed title’s development to date and where we see the game heading with all available information at the time of publication. While we are aware that an FP Score may be somewhat controversial as game development is a lengthy process we will always strive to be fair and make the best effort to provide explanations behind our reasoning behind any score ratings we assign to any game.

Going forward we at Nano Gaming News feel the 10 point score system along with the FP Score will help gamers of all sorts make the most informed decision when buying a game. A full breakdown of our scoring system can be viewed here. Any publisher’s or developer’s that are interested in having Nano Gaming News review your game please use the contact form and someone from our team will respond as soon as possible.

As always we are here for the benefit of the gaming community. Thank you for your time, support, and we hope you enjoy your time here at Nano Gaming News.