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Hell Architect Gameplay Trailer Out, Summer Release

Publisher Leonardo Interactive and developer Woodland Games released a gameplay trailer and announced that their comically dark humored survival-sim game, Hell Architect is hitting Steam this summer. Crank up the heat on sinners and have a good laugh. As an architect of the one and only Hell, players get to squeeze every bit of suffering from those who found themselves downstairs.

The newly released gameplay trailer for Hell Architect gives viewers a hot take on what to expect in the game. It turns out that Hell is like a big corporation and their product are prisons for lost souls and sinners. Under the watchful eye of Lilith from HR, players are put in charge of devising creative ways to squeeze as much suffering as possible from all the residents of downstairs.

Approval of the mightiest and more feared devils in Hell, including Lucifer himself, is required to climb down the corporate ladder. Players are evaluated on their hard work in addition to their sense of aesthetics and thriftiness. After all Hell is a business and resource management is key as there seems to be a never ending stream of new sinners.

There are the 9 infamous levels of hell for players to flew their creative muscles in the single player campaign mode. A sandbox mode is available for those that really want to unleash their inner architect demon.

To get started, players will need to build some basic buildings such as power stations and necessary accommodations for both sinners and demons. These constructions include toilets, canteens, shrines, demonic conference rooms, and even a place to sleep. Don’t let the sinners get too comfy as their suffering levels need to go up, much like profits of a successful real company. Punish these workers with intricate torture devices for their disobedience or just for the hell of it.

We are extremely happy to be bringing Hell Architect to PC fans this summer. We are thrilled to be working with the talented team at Woodland Games and add this dark humoured survival sim to our diverse portfolio of games. We can’t wait to see what kind of Hell fans can dream up.

Daniele Falcone, General Manager of Leonardo Interactive

Who would have guess that hell could look so good? The game has stylish 2D art that blends well with the brutal and gory themes while providing a perfect dose of dark humor. Gamers have a chance to play as one of many legendary characters that includes some of history’s worst. Each of these guest appearance sinners possesses special abilities that will aid the player is designing and implementing their hellscape masterpiece. Just remember that the devil is in the details.

Hell Architect is planned for a Summer 2021 launch on Steam for PC. A Hell Architect: Prologue will be made available for free at a yet to be announced date. Interested players can add both to their wishlist and follow Hell Architect for the latest information.

Hell Architect – Gameplay Trailer | Leonardo Interactive

Leonardo Interactive (@leonardointera Twitter) is an award-winning video game publisher. Based in Rome, Italy, the company has produced and published titles across all major platforms on both physical and digital media. Their game launches include the award-winning Dry Drowning and Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town. The publisher is also the owner of VLG publishing that is focused on bringing to market the best stories ever written.

Woodland Games (@woodland_games Twitter) is a Poland based game development studio. The studio’s knows what it wants and that is to give players the best games they can possibly make and games they would want to play. Their belief is that true passion and putting one’s heart into their work will result in great products. Attention to detail is important for their games from graphics to gameplay.