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7Days Origins A Choices Matter Text Game on Steam

South Korean independent game developer Buff Studio released their text-based adventure game, 7Days Origins, on Steam. Putting user’s choice at front and center for story direction the game features unique illustrations that expresses the afterlife.

Featuring an adventure where every small choice will change the direction of the story. Each decision will change relationships with comrades and change the fate of those comrades at critical moments. Will the player be the villain or a trustworthy ally? Everything comes down to one’s choices for Kirel, the amnesiac protagonist behind everything. By the way, they only have 7 days.

The PC version is completely unlike the mobile version of the game 7Days. According to an email posted on Twitter by Brazilian artist Cetrouz from Song Gyeong of Buff Studio who is charge of 7Days went on to describe the effort behind the PC version of the game. With an internal reorganization of the studio, the team went on to re-create the game. While the scenario doesn’t change, the UI and several images were re-created for the Steam release.

Since 7Days Origins is the first game to be launched on Steam as our company’s story game, we paid much attention to quality improvement in various aspects compared to the mobile version. I hope it will become a story game that is loved by many users on Steam as well.

Dohyoung Kim, CEO, Buff Studio

Originally the title was to be free, but because of the issues the team faced in bringing the game from mobile to PC the game could no longer be offered for free. However, the PC version includes the new UI design and images previously mentioned. An original soundtrack and art book is planned for a future release.

7Days Origins is available on Windows PC through Steam for $8.99 USD. A special launch promotion discount of 10% is available until May 9, 2021. For more information about 7Days Origins visit the game’s Steam page.

7Days Origins Trailer | Buff Studio

Buff Studio (@buff_studio Twitter) is an independent game developer and publisher. Founded in 2015, the South Korean studio works to develop indie games while challenging the boundaries of games from indie to AAA titles on all platforms. The studio’s portfolio includes both PC and mobile games such as Buff Knight Advanced, Theme Solitaire, Finger Darts, Mystic Guardians: Final Quest, Wonder Knights, and 7Days Origins.