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Awaken The Time Multi-Act 3D Adventure Game Out on Steam

Solo indie developer Gajda Cristian Vasile under the Gacriva Studio banner released their multiple act 3D adventure game, Awaken The Time. Available now on Steam, the game takes a third-person journey through a unique story across five different time zones.

With an RPG gameplay feel players take on the role of one entity that has different bodies, different zones, and different background stories that are a part of a singular storyline. The 3D single player adventure is set in a Matrix-like universe having players travel across time while offering three gameplay styles in a single game.

Each act takes place in a different time zone. Every time zone contains unique features. For example the first act is presented as a maze where a gifted samurai who has magical players must traverse the puzzle. The character has multiple fighting abilities such as using a two-handed sword, sword and shield, or a bow. In addition they have many magical abilities such as soul blast, think of a fireball, and electric tornado. Players will need to defeat enemies and outsmart the various traps in the maze.

Act three is a completely different world than act one. First off the player is now a post-apocalyptic survivor. It is a zombie apocalypse and the player first must scavenge for weapons. Later there is the player’s apocalyptic ride that has three types of offensive weapons. The bulletproof car touts a machine gun, rocket lancer, and electromagnetic field blast. Plus the vehicle has a nitro boost that when paired with the electromagnetic field can make the car jump. Enemies come in three flavors slow zombies, cyber zombies, and other survivors.

Act two takes place inside of a garage that then throws the player to a point in the future. In act four players find a suit that allows them to control time and must evade cameras and robots. The final act drops a major reveal on the player about the entity’s true identity and an unexpected betrayal.

Taking the fastest route, players can expect a minimum of 6 hours of gameplay. This time amount assumes that the player knows all the maps. First-time players can expect to double that play time. Eventually the developer plans to release the Unreal Engine 4 title on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms with the chance of a special collector’s edition if there is enough interest.

Awaken The Time is available on Windows PC through Steam for $9.99 USD. The game is currently in alpha and a full release is planned for June 30, 2023. For more information about Awaken The Time visit the game’s Steam page.

Awaken The Time Trailer | Gacriva Studio

Gacriva Studio (@gacrivastudio Twitter) is an indie game development studio. Founded by solo developer Gajda Cristian Vasile, the studio is busy working on their first public project Awaken The Time.