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CryoFall Sci-Fi Colony Sim PC Full Release

Daedalic Entertainment and AtomicTorch Studio fully released their sci-fi multiplayer colony sim CryoFall on digital platforms. Gamers can grab their copy of the creatively cozy 2D game and start their open world planetary settlement.

After just a little over two years in early access, CryroFall is ready to send players to a forgotten alien world. On this planet they will need to create a settlement and master the many areas necessary for civilization. Agriculture, industry, trading, exploration, and so much more is required in order to build a complex society.

Players will first start off in a primitive stone age. The survivors are able to progress through an extensive technology tree that will eventually lead them to the space age. From hatchets and crossbows to battle mechs and plasma rifles there is a lot of technology to discover and develop.

Both PvE and PvP servers are available. Players who like a more peaceful colonization experience will enjoy the dedicated PvE servers. Those that like to get their hands dirty and enjoy battling other players will find that the PvP servers are their best fit.

One of the key core features of the game is the complex crafting and industry system. As technological progression through the various ages advances, players will find themselves refining oil and extracting lithium. Farming deals with with fertilizers and irrigation while cooking along with fishing, allows for many food options. To power one’s industrial and agricultural systems they will need power systems such as generators and electrical storage.

The economy is player-driven with currency issuance, complex trading, and automated vending machines that are managed by players. Both bionic and cybernetic implants augment the character with new abilities and stat boosts. To explore the diverse world environments with the numerous unique biomes players can use civilian and military vehicles to travel quickly. These same vehicles can be used for combat.

Hundreds of players can exist on a given server thanks to the in-house developed Renkei Engine. In addition, extensive anti-cheat protection is in place that uses a unique self-developed system. The game also features extensive modding capabilities that include real-time code editing and open source game code.

CryoFall is available in full release on Windows PC through Humble Bundle and Steam for $19.99 USD. A 35% off launch special promotion runs on Steam until May 3, 2021. In addition a timed 8 hour full version demo of the game is available on Steam. For more information about CryoFall visit the game’s website at

CryoFall Full Release Trailer | Daedalic Entertainment

Daedalic Entertainment (@daedalic Twitter) is a publisher that develops high-quality games for all platforms. The publisher is based in Hamburg, Germany and was founded in March, 2007. In May 2014 the publisher became a member of the Bastei Lübbe group of companies.

AtomicTorch Studio (@AtomicTorch Twitter) is an independent game developer based in Singapore. Founded in 2013 the studio strives to develop innovative, fun, and accessible games that fuse gameplay and visuals from classic titles with modern technologies and novel ideas. CryoFall is the third and most ambitious title from the studio.

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